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Lighting Up Your Landscape This Christmas

Salisbury Landscaping-Christmas lights on home white lights

‘Tis the season to light up your landscape and get your yard ready for the holiday season. Read this guide to help get ready to string up your Christmas lights, decorate, and troubleshoot any issues you may run into. 

Types of Landscape Christmas Lights

While there’s often a debate over LED versus incandescent lighting, we always recommend LED. While there is a higher initial cost, you’ll save big when it comes to energy efficiency and longevity. In terms of saving your sanity whenever possible, opt for shorter strings of lights as opposed to the longer ones. They are much easier to manage, and they are easier to replace when needed. 

-Christmas lights outdoor tree Salisbury Landscaping

Decorating Your Landscape With Christmas Lights

Outdoor Trees: Indoor trees get all the glory during the holiday season, but don’t forget your outdoor trees. Transform your outdoor landscape into a winter wonderland by adding Christmas lights to all your landscape trees. 

Pathways and Patios: Everything in your landscape is fair game when it comes to Christmas lights. Use twinkling lights to feature hardscaping or line pathways. You can even add Christmas lights to create a cozy outdoor patio space to use on milder winter days. Try creating a light canopy by decorating your pergola, gazebo, or patio—it will add an inviting space to sit and enjoy some hot cocoa by an outdoor firepit.

Salisbury Landscaping-patio Christmas lights

Decorate the Deck: Your front porch or deck makes the greatest impact when it comes to Christmas decor, so add it to your checklist when considering your landscape lights. You don’t have to go ‘Griswold’ but whether you choose bold, colourful Christmas lights or subtle white twinkle lights, the front of your home will make a statement.

Troubleshooting Christmas Light Issues

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without muttering curses under your breath while trying to string up your Christmas lights. Go through this checklist to identify and resolve some potential issues with your landscape Christmas lights

  • Is it a fuse issue? 

Check the plug on the Christmas lights you’re using on your landscape. There is a small “trap door” that has a sliding panel. Slide the panel inside and inspect the fuse compartment. If you see a fuse has blown, you can find replacement bulbs. If you can’t tell which ones have blown, replace one at a time and check each time. 

  • Perhaps an issue with the wall circuit?

Sometimes, Christmas lights are innocent! If it’s not the string of lights, it could be your outlet or breaker panel. Check your breaker panel for any tripped breakers. If everything is okay there, use a circuit tester to check your outlet.

-inspect Christmas lights Salisbury Landscaping
  • Try inspecting the strand.

Bit by bit, look over the strand to spot any visible issues. General wear and tear, or sometimes rodents, can take a toll on the strand. Unfortunately, this means you’ll need a full replacement, but you can usually save the bulbs to reuse. 

  • Check and test each bulb.

While it is tedious, it’s worth looking over each bulb to see if any need replacing. Screw in any bulbs that have come loose and check for darkened, burnt-out bulbs. You can also purchase a lightbulb checker to speed the process along. 

Alternatives to Landscape Christmas Lights

If the thought of hauling out your Christmas lights this year is giving you the chills, get creative with your lighting alternatives. 

-fairy lights Salisbury Landscaping

Fairy Lights: For whimsical and lower-effort landscape lights this Christmas, use battery-operated or plug-in fairy lights throughout your outdoor decor. Insert twinkling lights in your wreaths, boughs, and other decorative items. (Note: Freezing temperatures are not kind to battery-operated lights, so you may find yourself replacing batteries more often than normal.)

Candlelight: For a softer, more subtle lighting option, create a candlelit glow throughout your landscape this Christmas. Line steps and walkways with battery-operated flameless candles or look for solar light varieties.

Pre-lit decorations: This is a judgement-free zone! Pre-lit decorations are a quick and easy way to light up your landscape without the hassle of untangling Christmas lights. There are plenty of options to complement your Christmas style, whether it be a big blow-up Rudolph with a glowing red nose or a more classic look of evergreen-adorned glowing lanterns. Either way, have fun with your holiday shopping in Edmonton.

If you’re looking for more tips and inspiration for Christmas landscape lights in Edmonton, come visit us! We’ll help you with any of your landscaping needs.

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