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Maintain balance with accent boulders and the landscape

When picking boulders and natural stone for your landscape it is important to maintain balance with accent boulders and the landscape as with any aspect of your new yard starting with a well-conceived design is key.


If the landscape is uniform a bold or colourful boulder can be used as an accent piece boulders bring a sense of strength and grounding to any yard. The veins running through a rock can be a great opportunity to incorporate pops of colour in the yard from crystal to white or even jade. When picking a boulder, it is a great tip to see the rock dry and wet so bring a watering can with you to really see the colours of the stone.

A large rock can also be made into a bubbler by drilling a hole and running water through it to create an eye catching water feature. The rock being constantly went will also show off the colours running through it.


If the landscape is created with bold colours in the flowers and plants and includes interesting pieces throughout the design, it may be a better fit to incorporate stone that more closely match the exterior of the house or colours already existing in the yard. There are many reasons more and more customers are requesting natural stone in their yards including sustainability, unique beauty, durability and ease of maintenance. Natural stone is very hardy and has become popular in yards because of its ability to stand up to our harsh Canadian winters.

Andreas helped make the process easy and seamless. He created a design that complimented our surroundings. His plan gave us the entertainment and relaxation space we were looking for. He took time to answer all of our questions and guided us through the various stages. The crew did a fantastic job. They were well organized, worked quickly and our finished project looks great. Thank you Salisbury Landscaping!


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