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Most Common Unexpected Landscape Complications

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You might have some super big landscaping dreams for the year ahead, and we’re excited to help you get started. We at Salisbury Landscaping are all about turning dreams into reality, but we also know that sometimes problems arise, resulting in common landscape mistakes. If this happens to you this year, however, don’t worry! We’ve got the expertise and professional know-how to help you get your project back on track. If you’re considering a new landscape design in Edmonton this year, here are some of the most common landscape problems that might pop up on your journey and the solutions you’ll need to get the job done!

Grading Issues

Some landscape designs require you to level or sculpt certain parts of your yard to enhance its aesthetic detail or make other elements work better in the overall design. For instance, grading is often used to create rolling, hill-like features in landscapes, or when adding pathways, patios, or stairs. Overall, we don’t change grading too much if we don’t have to, and stick to the preferred city guidelines to create drainage AWAY from the house. We rarely find the need to add berms, rolling hills or dips.Here are common problems related to landscape grading and some professional-grade solutions to help correct them:


Drainage issues are the most common grading-related problems. While grading is often done to ensure water flows away from certain areas, doing so improperly can cause a host of issues, including ruts, low spots, or water pooling in your backyard. Pools of stagnant backyard water are particularly concerning, as they can quickly become breeding grounds for mosquitos and other pests and can also cause leaks in the foundations of nearby buildings. Pooling water can also create small ‘sinkholes’ and cause big issues in new areas and new house foundations.

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications


While you can definitely take on grading projects DIY-style, it’s always better to involve a professional. Pooling and foundation leaks are incredibly difficult and expensive to fix, and soil erosion can lead to big messes. Having a professional do your grading correctly and install the proper drainage systems the first time will save you from massive future headaches and repair bills should anything go wrong.

Rotting Fences and Retaining Walls

If important elements of your landscape, like wooden fencing or retaining walls, are beginning to rot or crumble, you need to act quickly. Here are some very common things we see with landscaping materials and structures and how we like to fix them:

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-old retaining wall


Your wooden retaining walls are starting to rot and are slipping out of place. Not only does it look terrible, but it’s also going to jeopardize the surrounding landscape.

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-stone retaining wall


Because wood will eventually soak in water and rot again, the best solution is to replace your crumbling wooden retaining wall with one made from bricks or an interlocking stone system. This will add both improved durability and tremendous curb appeal to your landscape!

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-old fence


Rotting fencing, sheds, and greenhouses are putting a damper on your garden’s overall vibes and reducing its productivity.

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-new fencing


Replace any rotting fencing panels with properly treated products, and replace that nasty old wooden shed with a gorgeous greenhouse made of more durable materials, like stonework or glass and metal.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are some of nature’s most mesmerizing sights, gnarling and twisting to create intricate pathways for trees to soak up all of earth’s goodness. Sometimes though, tree roots can create serious problems that can stop a landscaping project dead in its tracks, requiring very delicate solutions. Here are some tree root concerns you might want to think about:

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-tree root pavement


Some tree roots in your landscape are growing too big and are disrupting existing pavement and stone pathways, causing tripping hazards and general problems with function and aesthetics.

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-tree planting distance


Plant smaller trees, and keep them 5-6 feet away from all paved surfaces in your landscape. You can also install a mechanical barrier as an extra measure of protection to prevent roots from spreading.

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-exposed tree base


Exposed surface roots are unsightly and could become a tripping hazard, and can also jeopardize the overall health of the plant.

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Unexpected Landscape Complications-mulched tree


While it may be tempting, never cover up any big protruding roots with soil, as doing so can starve the tree of essential nutrients. Instead, use a high-quality hardwood mulch to cover up any exposed surface roots, as this keeps existing soil insulated while still allowing the roots to soak up oxygen.  

Whatever you’ve got planned for your garden in 2023, be sure to contact us at Salisbury Landscaping in Sherwood Park for help with all of your Alberta landscape problems and solutions. Whether you’re just looking for a few changes here and there, or you’re planning a completely new landscape design from the ground up, we’ll help you get your yard and garden picture-perfect!

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