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How to Incorporate a Greenhouse Design into Your Existing Landscape Aesthetic

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If you’re wanting to build a greenhouse, there’s no better time than now! There is also no better place to come for greenhouse planning and design ideas than Salisbury Landscaping! We know the importance of growing food, working with the earth, and sustaining a landscape, and we love helping our clients find innovative ways to make their existing landscapes accommodate greenhouse spaces. 

If you’re trying to find room for a greenhouse in your current backyard or wondering how to make a functional greenhouse look good in your garden space, here are some tips and ideas to get you started!

Elements of Good Greenhouse Design

There might be some inexpensive ways to craft a greenhouse on your own, but those of us accustomed to the cold Canadian winters know that a greenhouse meant to grow food needs to be a bit beefier than your typical DIY garden project. The purpose of a greenhouse, after all, is to create an indoor growing environment inside when there isn’t one outside, so it needs to have a suitable construction to withstand even the harshest climates. We in Alberta know all too well that snow and wind are regular visitors during the winter months, and so our greenhouses need to be able to withstand and repel even the harshest winter conditions. It also helps if your greenhouse looks good in your landscape, but designing a suitable, hard-working greenhouse that also fits your garden aesthetic can be incredibly tricky.

To help you navigate this complex undertaking, let’s discuss some of our favourite greenhouse designs and landscaping ideas:

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Incorporate a Greenhouse Design into Your Existing Landscape-wooden greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouses

You love your garden and all of the naturalness it embodies. As such, a part of you may be worrying about how a greenhouse addition will look in your perfectly-tailored space or how such a towering presence could possibly blend in with the rest of your delicate garden aesthetic. We at Salisbury Landscaping get it, but we also share your passion for growing good, wholesome food and taking our green thumbs to the next level. 

Wooden cedar greenhouses are the perfect happy medium, as their beautiful designs fit excellently within most existing landscaping. Western Red Cedar in particular is exceptionally durable and insect and decay-resistant, making it an excellent choice both structurally and aesthetically. Barnwood is another popular greenhouse material choice, and might be perfect for you if your landscape accentuates an au naturale vibe. If you’re looking for style in your garden, a wooden greenhouse adds a touch of country charm, rustic undertones, and a simplicity you’re sure to enjoy for years to come. The best part about designing your greenhouse with wood is the variety of styles and colours you have to choose from. You can use the same wood as your nearby decking, for instance, or you can match the colour to your siding for a more streamlined, unified look. 

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Incorporate a Greenhouse Design into Your Existing Landscape-metal greenhouse

Metal and Glass Greenhouses

The combination of metal and glass within a greenhouse construction makes for another stunning architectural piece. With an array of design possibilities, these materials will fit any garden or landscape in both size and style! If you’re hoping to add some luxury to your landscape while expanding your gardening skills, glass and metal is a timeless look that will truly transform your landscape. 

Glass greenhouses are both functional and permanent. Glass allows almost 100% of sunlight’s full UV spectrum through, meaning your plants are getting the most bang for your buck. Using glass also requires heavier framing, which creates a stronger, longer-lasting structure. 

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Incorporate a Greenhouse Design into Your Existing Landscape-brick greenhouse

Brick and Stone

Many of the most elegant and stately greenhouse designs incorporate bricks or other stone materials as a feature statement. Think Victorian or Tudor-style buildings serving as the base for a glass and iron design. Adding bricks or other rock materials to your greenhouse landscaping plans can also tie in other organic features from your garden, like a cobblestone path or the brickwork on your home or shed.

There are many greenhouse design ideas we can help you plan and build at Salisbury Landscaping, but if you just need some professional guidance in the right direction, we can help with that, too! If you’re hoping to make growing food a part of your gardening lifestyle in 2023 and are looking for the best advice on greenhouse landscaping in the Edmonton area, look no further. We look forward to helping you this growing season!

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