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Repair and elevate mature landscapes

Just like your home’s interior, your outdoor spaces will eventually need a touch-up. With renovation landscaping services by Salisbury, we work with you to update the look of your yard, fix issues that have developed over time, and maximize your property value while preserving the unique character of your home.

What is Renovation Landscaping?

Renovation Landscaping is a process, and no two jobs are alike. Unlike the cookie-cutter landscapes you might see in new developments, this service is designed to repair and elevate mature landscapes with fully personalized solutions.

Here in Edmonton, our harsh climate takes a toll on our outdoor spaces over time. As your home’s foundation settles and the plants and fixtures around it get older, the property’s curb appeal fades and issues (like water in the basement) slowly begin to surface. Whether you bought your home five or fifty years ago, no two yards are exactly alike—and no yard stays the same.

Renovation Landscaping is about preserving the best features of your yard while correcting or enhancing the rest. From fixing drainage issues to matching your yard to a newly renovated interior, we work with you to give your landscape a new lease on life.

How does Renovation Landscaping make a difference?

Every home has its own history, and with the right upkeep, you can maintain the character of the home while keeping it fresh and functional. Some of the ways Renovation Landscaping can transform your yard include:

  • Correcting grading and drainage issues that develop over time
  • Replacing or rejuvenating aging trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Repairing or re-installing hardscapes, like driveways, decks, and paths
  • Transitioning the features of your yard to reflect your changing lifestyle
  • Build new spaces for entertaining and enjoying your outdoor space
  • Updating your yard for a contemporary new look

No matter what your concerns are with your landscape, our team can work with you to develop a complete or partial renovation plan that brings out the best in your property.

I can’t think of a thing that we would do differently. There was a flow to the work an the progression was amazing to watch. The crew was great and we were pleased to see that they cleaned up at the end of each day (which made our neighbours very happy as well). Andreas was great to work with and made plant selections for our yard knowing that neither my husband nor I have “green thumbs”. As a result we are grateful to Andreas for walking us through our new yard and giving us advice on care and maintenance.


Why hire Salisbury to renovate your landscape?

Our team specializes in Renovation Landscaping services with a customer-focused approach. We’ll never use cookie-cutter solutions or tactics that cut corners. Instead, our designers work directly with you to thoroughly assess your yard, needs, and budget. 

A Salisbury designer will explore your yard with you, taking detailed notes of all the dimensions, features, and concerns within your landscape. We take your priorities seriously and take the time to consider your needs, goals, and budget to develop a design plan that is as unique as the property itself.

As a trusted name in landscaping for over 55 years, we’ve built our reputation by creating beautiful, practical, and long-lasting landscapes for our valued customers in the Edmonton area. Book a consultation today, and let us work with you to re-envision your outdoor space.

Ready to landscape?

We match the designer that will best suit the customer’s needs then the designers find the best design to fit your needs, wants, and budget. The landscape design process is the first stage of your landscaping and begins with the vision of your ideal yard. Salisbury’s landscape designers work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle and adds value to your home.