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Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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You love your Edmonton home, but your front yard is in desperate need of some TLC. Maybe you’ve got a plain-Jane patch of grass out the front that you don’t know what to do with, or a drab, chipped-up front walkway that’s begging for some new life. Whatever the case, the good news is that we at Salisbury Landscaping have the know-how and landscaping savvy to help you give that small, boring front yard some serious curb appeal! Here are a few sure-fire ways to get your front yard from drab to fab this Spring. 

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

If your front yard is a bit too small to do anything with, we’ve crafted these small front yard landscaping tips just for you:

Add Layers

Adding dimension with layers is a great way to add more personality to a rather featureless front yard. Planting rows of plants at different heights draws the eye in different ways, making your small front yard look longer. Try layering a shorter row of flowers in front of a taller row or two of hedges at the front of your home to give the perspective of distance, or add a layer of greenery on your front steps to pull the space in deeper and create a more cohesive look. Some other favourite ways to perk up a small yard include creating patches of flowers and grasses of varying heights and textures. Plant your tall varieties in the back to create depth and distance, and don’t be afraid to fill your space just because it’s small! 

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Extend Your Porch

If you have the space for a front porch in your yard, use this as an architectural feature to increase the appearance of space. A front porch extending out into the yard gives your home an inviting vibe and adds privacy to an otherwise small entryway. Make sure to contact your local municipality first, and acquire any relevant permits and permissions needed. 

Go Vertical

One of the best tricks for any small garden space is to go up! Trellises, climbing plants, and vertical planters all aid in the appearance of height and give you more space for plants. Planting small trees in the front yard is another excellent way to add depth and height to a small front yard, especially if they’re flanking the front entrance or edges. You can also play around with “living walls” to create an eye-catching feature that draws the eye upwards. 

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Get Curvy

Curves and wavy lines feel more natural, amplify your space, and trick the eye into seeing a larger front yard than you really have. You can create curvature in an outdoor front yard space with a walkway or hedge, or try making an archway at the end of the front yard that welcomes guests in. Think about bending space, and what that means from a visual perspective. 

Get Rocking

If your small front yard is flat, try finding creative and bold ways to incorporate boulders into your space. Large boulders add height, interest, and landscaping drama to any space without taking up as much real estate as other features, making them the perfect additions to any small front yard! Adding rocks to your small front yard also breaks up your space’s profile, creating further visual interest.

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Just Add Water

Another great way to ramp up your small front yard landscape is to add a water feature. Adding a small pond, birdbath station, tiered fountain, bubbling rocks, or a small stream running from the house to the edge of the property is a great space-savvy way to create visual interest and give your small front yard space some pizazz. 

Add Fencing

Putting up a fence at the edge of your property is a great way to frame your front yard, but consider adding some more depth by staggering the fencing and setting part of it back a few feet. This creates a welcoming look and breaks up an otherwise straight property line that hinders the feeling of space. Again, there may be some red tape involved, so always check with local regulations before going ahead with large projects like this. 

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Be Different

The best part about landscaping a small front yard is the chance to do something different. Remember that these tips are just ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing. Get inspired and turn your front yard space into something that is truly your own. If you get stuck, we at Salisbury Landscaping are always happy to help you turn your vision into reality!

Small front yard landscaping in Alberta isn’t always easy, but we can help you get the ideas flowing for any front yard project you have on the go. Come see us in Sherwood Park, AB, today for expert design services and good old-fashioned expert advice.

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