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Our designers have over 85 years of combined expertise.

We have been creating dream landscapes for over 25 years. With Salisbury, you work with us throughout the entire build process, ensuring your vision comes through while the job is done quickly and professionally.

Residential Landscaping Services

Salisbury Landscaping specializes in design/build projects. We would love to work with you to customize your landscape. If you do have a landscape design by someone else, we can always create your yard from that design. Click on each service to learn more about our approach.


Just like your home’s interior, your outdoor spaces will eventually need a touch-up. With renovation landscaping services by Salisbury, we work with you to update the look of your yard, fix issues that have developed over time, and maximize your property value while preserving the unique character of your home. Learn More >


Your backyard is your own little escape into the outdoors. We consider everything from your favourite outdoor activities, to the size of your family, to the features of your space while creating our design. We work with you to understand your hopes and dreams for your new backyard, while offering our suggestions for functional features you may not have known were possible. Learn more >


The front yard of your home impacts the feel of your neighbourhood and your home’s resale value, but it’s also a place to welcome friends and family. We help you express the personality of your indoor space and bring it outdoors. We can also help you enjoy more time outdoors by building extra living space into your front yard layout. Learn more >


For most people, summer is patio season. From al fresco brunches to nightcaps under the stars, your patio should have the size, style, and features to create new memories. We use state-of-the-art materials and proven construction techniques to reduce patio maintenance and blend new structures into your space. Learn more >


Retaining walls add a whole new dimension to your garden design. Add height to your garden, or create completely new spaces within your property by adding custom-built retaining walls in brick, natural stone, concrete, wood, and more.
Learn more >


Maintaining a lawn isn’t for everyone. Whether due to mobility issues or a challenging location, artificial turf allows you to enjoy to look of a manicured lawn without the work. We can help you choose turf that works for your space, prepare the area, and complete the installation at a pace that works for your budget. Learn more >


Each Salisbury landscape is created with careful consideration for your lifestyle, inside and outside of your property lines. We design your outdoor space around your desire and ability to maintain it. For some, that might include some seasonal pruning, regular watering, and typical lawn maintenance.
Learn More >


The Greater Edmonton area is growing fast — and in some areas, the grass hasn’t quite caught up! We’ll help you ‘lay down the lawn’ with sod installations for new builds, property flips, neglected lawns, and more. Learn more >


Sustainable landscape design should be on everyone’s mind. We’re all proud to call Alberta home and we want to keep our natural landscapes looking beautiful for years to come. Xeriscaping is a landscaping philosophy about creating outdoor spaces that minimize water consumption by using native, drought-resistant plants in each design.

Xeriscaping also helps reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides as we work with the natural environment of your home to create a sustainable space. Learn more >


There’s nothing quite like stone to add lasting natural shapes and textures to your landscape design. We work with stone and boulders to create focal points, pathways, features, groundcover, and more to anchor the different areas of your landscape. Learn more >


Enjoy the outdoors day or night with beautiful outdoor lighting. Light pathways, conversation areas, gardens, water features, and more to give your outdoor space an inviting glow.

If your desired project is not on the list, we’re still able to make it happen! We’ll take on the work of sub-contracting and executing all aspects of your project, so you can enjoy a fully seamless experience. Learn more >


Our success relies on our relationships with our customers, so we consider you part of the team. We collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, for a landscape that truly feels your own.