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Over 8,000 infills built in mature neighbourhoods.


At Salisbury Landscaping, we are continually learning the new guidelines designated by the city to ensure the project is done smoothly and without complications. We work together with the builders from any stage of the build to ensure the house and property is exceptional once you’re ready to move it.

Since 2011, there have been over 8,000 homes built in mature neighbourhoods. These infill projects are a great way to invest and maintain Edmonton’s communities. There can be many permits needed and regulations to follow to start an infill process to ensure the stability and sustainability of the property and the neighbourhood.


Many people think landscaping can only be done once, but as people grow and lifestyles change your yard should reflect these changes. It can be as simple as having a sandbox removed and adding in a cozy patio. It’s also never too late to solve any ongoing issues your yard may have, such as drainage problems, high maintenance areas, or a feature you don’t like anymore. A freshly renovated yard can completely change how you use and enjoy your space.