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Create a custom landscape that makes a difference in your life.

We match the designer that will best suit the customer’s needs then the designers find the best design to fit your needs, wants, and budget. The landscape design process is the first stage of your landscaping and begins with the vision of your ideal yard. Salisbury’s landscape designers work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle and adds value to your home.

Using their years of outdoor landscaping expertise, our designers will:

Create your landscape design unique to your style, purpose, involvement, and feel

Help you select the most suitable soft and hard landscape elements

Offer design solutions to challenging areas

Ensure that your landscape is designed in a way that can grow and change with the seasons

What’s your landscape style?

Summer Patio Backyard Ideas For Landscaping - Salisbury Landscaping Project

Contemporary Landscape

A contemporary landscape utilizes strong lines that present a very controlled, clean and organized look. We create that contemporary feel by incorporating bold statuary, streamlined water features and fountains, geometric shapes, and repeated patterns in hardscaping and structural elements. This pergola makes a dramatic statement.

Stone Patio and Boulder in Landscaping - Salisbury Landscaping Project

Traditional Landscape

A traditional garden or landscape relies on classic building materials and colours. The goal of a traditional landscape is to compliment the appearance of your home in a functional way. Strategic stone paved pathways or stone walls are used to enhance the space. Repeating patterns, colours, and materials in different areas throughout the space create a cohesive design.

Gazebo Pavers and Outdoor lighting -Edmonton Landscape Design

Intimate Landscape Design

Don’t think your yard is big enough to be gorgeous? Think again! Salisbury excels in making small spaces magical. You will find cheerful flower gardens, dedicated conversation areas, and even fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in these smaller spaces.

Stonework Boulders Patio and Firepit in Landscape Design - Salisbury Landscaping project

Rustic Landscape Design

Nothing adds a sense of timeless presence like stone steps, walls and streams. Rustic design is dramatic and lasts forever. No one does rustic like we do. Create a space inspired by nature with interesting, nostalgic features.

Once we’ve created a landscape design that you love, we start on the build phase with your project coordinator.

kind words from Happy Customers

Very pleased with Jason, his attention to detail, and how approachable he is have made the experience thus far 10+. As well as a fellow business owner it is refreshing to see Adam be hands on, on all aspects of the business, and really care about customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Salisbury to anyone considering a landscaping project, small or large scale.

K. Annett