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How to take your landscape from a B- to an A+

Is your landscape looking a little tired? Even if you bought your home with an immaculately designed landscape, it only takes a few years of rugged Edmonton weather for the most pristine yards to start showing some wear. Luckily, these one-off projects will enhance your landscape and leave it looking better than ever! Let’s take your landscape from a B- to an A+.

Top Up Your Mulch

Laurier Park Landscape Design by Jason Stubbs of Salisbury Landscaping

Mulch top-ups are the easiest way to freshen up your landscape. A fresh, neat application of mulch instantly makes your landscape look well cared-for. A few bags of mulch are very inexpensive to pick up from your local garden centre, and the mulching itself should only take one person an afternoon to complete. We offer mulch top-up service to all of our landscaping clients as a way to stay in touch and keep the finished product looking great.

Install a Pathway

Pathways create flow through your yard or garden, which is both visually attractive and inviting to guests. Just like the hallway of your home, a pathway gives a sense of direction that leads the eye through the different areas of your outdoor space. Even a small yard looks bigger and more appealing with a simple pathway of stepping stones. If you have an existing pathway made from drab poured concrete, consider upgrading to attractive pavers in shapes that match your outdoor aesthetic.

B- TO AN A+: Plant Trees

For first-time home buyers, trees are often considered a part of the deal—you get what you get. What you may not realize is that planting trees is one of the simplest, highest-impact landscaping projects you can do. When choosing new trees for your landscape, take all four seasons into consideration. Are all your trees deciduous (meaning; with leaves that shed in the fall)? Consider planting some evergreens to add some life and maintain landscape interest in the winter. Do any of your trees produce flowers or fruit? If not, adding a flowering shrub or a fruit tree can make your yard more colourful in the spring and summer—not to mention more attractive to birds, bees, and butterflies!

Add a Fire Pit and Patio

Fire pits are the reigning champions of cheap backyard landscaping ideas; they’re virtually maintenance-free, they can be built or purchased to match any design, and they create an interactive outdoor gathering space. If you love to entertain and you have the right yard dimensions, a fire pit is a great way to bring family and friends outdoors with you.

If you’re installing a fire pit, it makes sense to create a whole seating area around it. A stone patio surrounding a fire pit makes a great enhancement to your landscape, particularly if you didn’t have a chance to build a patio during an earlier landscaping project.

B- TO AN A+: Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting, Stone Walkway and Gazebo

Outdoor lighting is one of the most underrated landscaping features there is! Lighting makes your front and backyard so much more inviting, and you can use it to highlight the features of your landscape you love the most, like a beautiful water feature or flower garden. During our long Edmonton winters, we lose a ton of our daylight hours, so outdoor lighting makes your property a little more lively and a lot easier, and safer, to navigate after sundown.

Decorate with Container Gardens

If you’re looking for cheap DIY garden ideas, there are none cheaper or better than container gardens. Large containers are excellent for adding a splash of colour wherever you need it on your property. You can use two containers to frame your front porch steps or arrange a group of three to create a focal point on the patio. The small surface area makes it easy to plant new arrangements of flowers every year, and maintenance is a breeze thanks to the extra height. You can find containers in every size, shape, and design imaginable, and even make your own from upcycled materials like barrels and wooden crates.

If you’re unsure how to install any of these landscape updates, don’t hesitate to consult our team! As a leading landscaping company in Edmonton, our designers have tons of experience helping homeowners choose a project that fits their desired look and budget. Contact us today to start planning to take your yard from a B- to an A+ landscape—spring will be here sooner than you think!

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