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How To Begin Designing Your Landscape – Define and Refine Your Vision

How To Start Your Landscape DesignDesigning your landscape

Surround yourself with inspiration. Look beyond the confines of other garden designs in magazines, on the internet and stray in to furniture design, in to architecture, in to art!

So much of what makes those projects beautiful is a sense of flow, proportion, grace, scale and mass. Borrowing from their energy can kick start an amazing journey. Planting images and ideas help to create a balance to the process and put some meat on the bone but for now keep it general, avoid becoming too specific. Right now it’s about creating an impression, a palette of concepts to apply to the canvas once you’ve prepared it.

A garden’s place in the home shouldn’t be diminished by the ordinary or everyday exigencies. It’s your own space to connect with what’s imperative and real. You have to think big, bold and beautiful.

Jason Stubbs Landscape Designer, Salisbury Landscaping Edmonton-Jason Stubbs, Landscape Designer, Salisbury Landscaping, Edmonton & Sherwood Park

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