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#9 of The Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Landscaping by Donna Brown

4 Season Planting & Landscaping Edmonton Landscaping Plants are living things and have certain requirements in order to survive and thrive. If your plant knowledge is based on what you like when you see it showcased at the nursery, you may want to do some research to expand your plant world. These are some things to know.

Size:  Plants are like puppies. They all look alike when they’re young. However, some are Yorkies and some grow into Great Danes. Make sure you know the plant’s mature size in our climate. The right plant in the right place means low maintenance.

Life requirements: Plants are living things. Some require sun, others require shade. Some like moist soil, some like dry. The plants will not survive and thrive out of their comfort zone.

Characteristics:  Plants have characteristics that some find endearing, while others find annoying. While many look forward to blooms and fruit, fragrances bother some people and dropping fruit, suckering, attracted wildlife etc. can affect your yard maintenance hours.

Seasonal interest:  It’s really good to have 4 season interest. Flowers, foliage, bark colours, and fruit can provide interest throughout the year. Plan your plantings to provide 4 season interest in a balanced way through the yard.

Donna Brown Landscape Designer– Donna Brown, Landscape Designer at Salisbury Landscaping, Edmonton & Sherwood Park

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