Salisbury Landscaping maintains a     pro-active approach to ensure client satisfaction with the Warranty process.

As professionals, we are committed to supporting you through the entire landscaping process. When your project has been completed, our Aftercare Specialist will follow up to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work. If you encounter any issues or concerns, please contact us and we will proceed through the warranty process below.

Our Warranty Process

One Year Check In 

We touch base in early Spring. You will receive an email outlining what is covered and explaining the process. Feel free to contact us at any time with any concerns. At that point, we can determine if a yard assessment is required.

Yard Assessment 

We perform a yard assessment. If required, an Aftercare Specialist will perform a landscape assessment, you will receive a follow up email outlining the results of the assessment. Together, you and our warranty team will determine the scope of work. Required work will be scheduled and materials will be ordered.

Completion of Warranty Work 

We do the warranty work. You will receive an email with the date of when the work has been scheduled. We get the work done!

Follow Up 

We follow up. Once the work has been completed an email will be sent out inviting customer feedback. We want to know if we missed anything which is why we send out a short warranty survey.

The warranty program covers you for one growing year, ensuring all plants that don’t do well will be replaced in the following growing season.

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