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Over the years, Salisbury has perfected the Salisbury Experience.

With over 20 years in business, Salisbury Landscaping has created a variety of resources and process to help us ensure each customer feels their landscaping vision has been realized and is happy with it for years to come.

Over the years, Salisbury has perfected the Salisbury Experience which we use to create a customer’s dream landscape. Salisbury Landscaping has a key focus to enrich people’s lives through landscaping. This 4 step process allows us to ensure each customer we work with is satisfied with their yard.

The Salisbury Warranty Program starts after the last flower is planted by the installation crew. Our Aftercare Specialist is on hand to assess your yard at the start of the next growing season to see that everything is growing as it should.

For the questions that come up most frequently we have created our FAQ page. This can be a great resources year after year to help keep your yard looking great.

Kevin Napora is a consummate professional and subject matter expert. Kevin has earned every recommendation provided to us and has earned our recommendation to others. We will wholeheartedly  recommend Kevin Napora to our friends and acquaintances. Salisbury Landscaping has a gem in Kevin Napora.


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