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Avery Armstrong
Master Gardener & Landscape Designer

Customer Vision

My client sought a modern front yard with a unique twist to complement her house’s color and shape. The struggling all-grass yard needed a low maintenance, xeriscaped design. No grass, minimal plants, and a striking accent piece were our goals.

The Challenges

This landscaping project faced several challenges: a small front yard, a slope near the front door, and the need for low-maintenance planting without making the yard look barren. The goal was to avoid using sod, incorporate colorful plants without increasing maintenance, and preserve the existing lilac tree as part of the design.

The Design

Utilizing the existing slope, I created a planting terrace by the front porch, featuring a unique boulder and decorative space. The jagged retaining wall stones complemented the client’s garage accents. Diverse rock mulch colors prevented monotony, while black aluminum edging provided distinction. Low-maintenance, winter-interest plants like Korean lilac, blue rug juniper, mugo pine, scotch pine, bloomerang lilacs, stella de Oro Daylilies, and feather reed grass were chosen. Curved bed shapes and the swiggle retaining wall design created dynamic flow and an illusion of a larger, captivating yard. The final result boasts a sleek design with standout linework.

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