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Avery Armstrong

Master Gardener & Landscape Designer

Even though I am relatively young I’ve been landscaping for years. I started working at Ellerslie Gift and Garden as a labourer because my granny worked there, and I thought it would be fun to work with my granny. I eventually moved into the tree department, and because Ellerslie Gift and Garden is an affiliate of Classic Landscaping, I got to see many blueprints come down from the design department. I realized that landscape design was a real job that existed. I immediately applied for the Landscape Architectural Technology program at NAIT.

Since then I have worked for the City of Edmonton’s park’s department, I’ve worked at other residential landscape companies, and, more recently I graduated from the Master Gardeners program.

I’m a very Type-A kind of person; I like to plan and organize, but I’m also really into horticulture and the outdoors-which all adds up together into Landscape Design

When I realized that landscape design was a career, it was like an epiphany. People always tell you when you’re young that “You’ll figure it out, and find a job” and I have. I found it.

Avery Armstrong, Landscape Designer