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How Does Your Yard Reflect Your Lifestyle?

A professionally landscaped yard is a smart investment into the value of your home and neighbourhood. However, most folks don’t seek out landscaping just for buyers or neighbours to admire. Landscaping is about extending your living space.

This may look a little different depending on your lifestyle. If you’ve been considering a change to your outdoor space, how you want to enjoy the space should be the first consideration. We’ve rounded up some popular landscape ideas to inspire your next project.

Landscape Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

Low-maintenance Lifestyle Yard

Busy professionals, single homeowners, and people living with mobility issues may have difficulty managing the maintenance needs of a lush garden or sprawling lawn. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible to keep a beautiful property!

“Zen garden” landscapes focus on sand, stone, and wood in lieu of shrubs, grass, and flowers. Decking with clean lines, stone pathways, and low-maintenance trees are great options for achieving this look. A water bowl can also be added to create a relaxing focal point.

Flagstone can be laid down to replace some or all of your sod. This can cut down on the amount of mowing needed, create a patio area, and add a rustic feel to the space.

Rock gardens virtually eliminate the need to weed and offer interesting contrast between your greenery and the natural stone. Evergreens, succulents, and some attractive ground covers can add life and colour.

Landscape Ideas for a Family Lifestyle

Backyard Playground for a Family Lifestyle

When you have young children, your space has to work for them as they grow. You don’t have to sacrifice style to create a fun and family-friendly environment.

Backyard playgrounds have evolved considerably over the past decade! Imagine a custom swing set installed on a sturdy, vine-covered arbor over a bed of wood mulch. Perhaps a slide that winds down a natural slope on your property, surrounded by perennial flowers. 

Sport courts encourage outdoor play, active living, and teamwork. A home basketball or tennis court can let you share your love of the game with your kids.

Vegetable gardens are a great way to keep kids from developing an aversion to veggies! Make growing healthy food an interactive experience and include your kids in the process. The feeling of sharing fresh-picked berries, harvesting homegrown cherry tomatoes, or pulling a carrot out of the ground is a multi-sensory experience for your littles.

Landscape Ideas for a Lifestyle of Entertaining

Patio Fire Pit for a Lifestyle of Entertaining

If you love to host, it makes sense to bring the party outside. These outdoor entertaining ideas will have your guests looking forward to the next get-together.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming wildly popular, with comfortable seating and high-end appliances, like outdoor pizza ovens. This is the ultimate in dining ‘al fresco’.

Bonfire pits are the ideal spot for sipping some cold drinks, roasting some marshmallows, and laughing your way through the night. A built-in fire pit with matching seating and stone pavers creates a more luxurious ambience.

Hot tub decks are the ultimate crowd-pleaser, especially with our Edmonton winters! You can build a hot tub nook into an existing deck or start from scratch, and even build in a stall for an outdoor shower. Features like privacy walls, built-in bar seating, and matching planters can transform the area into a home spa resort.

Landscape Ideas for a Lifestyle of Relaxation

Water features for a Relaxation Lifestyle

For some of us, outdoor time is alone time. Create a space to meditate, enjoy a book, or watch the world go by with these ideas.

Water features, like ponds and waterfalls, create a sense of well-being with the gentle sound of water. Not only do they help to filter out street noise, they also make great focal points and attract birds.

Hammocks surrounded by greenery are another multi-purpose focal point. Add some decorative cushions and just the sight of it will relax you!

Custom-built gazebos are a little piece of heaven to enjoy alone or with friends. Choose materials to match your home and garden, then fill it with comfortable furnishings and decor to create a home-steps-away-from-home.

Your new landscape should complement your lifestyle, not come at its expense. Contact us today to share your inspiration—we can help you turn it into a reality.

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