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Using Feng Shui in Landscape Design

Outdoor Feng Shui

Outdoor Feng Shui is primarily about blocking negative energy (views and noise) to protect the house and then guiding positive energy (feelings) into the yard. This is done by creating a landscape design with soft flowing lines that meander through the yard and incorporate all elements of nature.

  • Water and water features are used to mask harsh sounds.
  • Plant material enriches all four seasons with colour, vitality, and movement.
  • Light, essential for life, brings safety but also creates ambiance around a fireplace or using candles or a garden light system.
  • Stone is important to ground a yard and give a design substance. Using stone as a patio or as pots brings a luxurious strength to the yard.
  • Metal in the form of fencing, cast iron pots, statuary, etc. gives the yard those finishing touches. Accent pieces here and there (not too much that you create clutter) create whimsy and tell the visitor that this yard is your home.

Salisbury landscape designers work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle and adds value to your home. Work closely with your trusted Salisbury designer to ensure that Feng Shui elements are incorporated in your next Landscape Design.




Kevin Napora – Master Gardener, Landscape Designer

Kevin believes in the power of nature’s aesthetic to inspire, create and motivate. After acquiring his degree in Horticulture at the University of Alberta, Kevin has spent close to a quarter of a century studying landscaping and designing residential gardens.

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