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7 Common Landscape Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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Taking on a new landscape design project can be so exciting, and it’s a great opportunity to get creative! The problem is, if you get a little overeager and dive in before doing your due research, you can stumble into some expensive problems down the road. We put together this list of mistakes to avoid for a beautiful, sustainable landscape design without any costly complications.  

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Planning Your Landscape Design

Whether you’re coordinating your own landscape design or relying on outside help, it’s important to know the facts and have a clear plan before you start digging up dirt. Repairs and do-overs are pricey, so getting it right the first time is important! Refrain from making any of these common landscaping mistakes, and you’ll be satisfied with your results.  

Salisbury Landscaping-Alberta-Common Landscaping Mistakes-creating points in a landscape design

Creating “Points” in Landscape Designs

Garden edging, mulch, or areas with loose gravel or river rock shouldn’t end at a point. Not only does it look a little awkward, but it’s hard to maintain and keep tidy. Instead, these edges should appear perpendicular to the area they’re touching. 90° angles and curving lines look much more appealing in the landscape.  

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Trusting the Plant Tag

The plants you purchase might come from British Columbia or another place with a warmer climate than ours! The information on that plant tag may not apply since many perennials in warmer climates can only be grown as annuals in Edmonton. Check to see if your chosen plants are hardy to your USDA Zone—Edmonton and Sherwood Park are Zone 3b. 

Forgetting About All-Season Interest

If you exclusively choose plants that die back or lose all their foliage in winter, things will look pretty bleak in February. Similarly, if all your perennials bloom in spring, the summer and fall landscape will look pretty lacklustre. Consider year-round seasonal interest when choosing your flowers, ornamental grasses, trees, and shrubs, so your landscape never lacks colour!

Ignoring Your Plants’ Eventual Mature Size

If a tree reaches 60 feet tall and spreads 50 feet wide at maturity, planting that sapling right by your front window will lead to major issues! The same goes for shrubs—if you have a 5×5 space and plant a shrub that reaches 8 feet across, you’ll be doing so much unnecessary pruning to keep it contained. Always consider the mature size of your plants when making your picks!

Not Doing Your Research

You can make plenty of expensive but entirely preventable mistakes by building and buying before you hit the books. Building a landscape design with heavy materials like stone can also be dangerous, especially if you have sloped terrain—needless to say, there are many factors to consider! 

One of the easiest ways to learn how to best work with your unique landscape is to consult with a professional landscape design team. We can answer all your questions and help create a plan with your budget, space, and style in mind. 

Skipping the Planning Stage

Please resist the urge to rush into a landscape overhaul! We know it’s exciting, and you might not be thrilled by your current scenery, but it’s so important to plan carefully. Trust us—you’ll save so much effort and money if you take your time and plan every step. 

Creating a High-Maintenance Landscape

Think about the needs and upkeep requirements for the plants you choose. If they’re going to need lots of pruning or regular care through the seasons, the long-term maintenance might get overwhelming. Depending on the design, water features like ponds and fountains can also have complicated care requirements. 

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If you have a big, sprawling landscape, you’ll want to stick with low-maintenance plants and features, so you don’t waste your time and grow discouraged. There are plenty of beautiful, low-maintenance options to explore—browse our blog or ask our experts for some inspiration!

Ready to start planning your Alberta landscape design? Our trusted team of professionals are well versed in mistakes to avoid, as well as great opportunities and ideas to explore. Call or email Salisbury Landscaping to get started—there’s still plenty of time to get planting this fall!

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