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Kevin Napora Salisbury Landscape Designer
Kevin Napora,
Master Gardener & Landscape Designer

Clarkdale Customer Vision

  • Create a mountain stream that acted both as a walkway and as a swale for water run off
  • Smooth out the lines of the existing bed so that it was easier to mow
  • Borrow or integrate some of the neighbour’s landscape so that the final design looks like it is one large design
  • Simplify the plantings to make it easier to maintain in the future

The Challenges

  • The front yard had to be completely re-contoured and excavated to create a swale that looked natural.
  • Choosing plant material that would have a very nice structure in the winter, while being a low maintenance plant in summer.
  • Finding the right stones to create a mountain scene but not blow the budget but also not be an obstruction when walking through the garden.

The Design

  • Adding larger elements at the top of the garden (trees, large shrubs, and boulders) and then slowly tapering down to the street increased the idea of a mountain stream
  • Although Kevin used different mulches at a lower cost he was able to match the look and feel of the neighbour’s landscape to unite the two gardens.
  • The original landscape had much more challenging plant material. By changing them over to lower maintenance plants the clients found the garden far more easier to take care of and enjoy.

Photography by: Victor Push

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