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Boag Lake Landscape Design by Salisbury Landscaping
Salisbury Landscape Designer Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs,
Landscape Designer

Customer Vision

  • Create a retreat-like escape that reminded the customer of the mountains.
  • Veggie gardens that are easily accessible and still looked good.
    Blend in the natural surroundings with the new landscape.  Have a transition area.
  • Have a water feature that is subtle, creates enough noise to enjoy and cut out traffic, but not overpowering.  And is very low maintenance.
  • Low maintenance, but still have lawn area that is usable for soccer, badminton, etc.

The Design

  • Taking some of the massive elements of the home (like the timber beams) and replicating them in the landscape (wood shed, arbour, stone work).
    Replicated the lines of the home into the landscape.
  • Using Boulder walls to create new elevations within the back yard, to slow down the journey thru the landscape. 

The Challenges

  • The angles of the home and garage made it tricky to blend in the landscape elements.
    Designing the staircase in the front, the elevations were tricky. Much different that urban lots
  • The back and side yards were surrounded by an ever-changing brush line, instead of a predictable fence line. Creating a sense of journey between the front staircase and back yard.
    Getting from the back deck to the eventual landscape grade 

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