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Antler Point Landscape Design by Jason Stubbs of Salisbury Landscaping
Design By Jason Stubbs
Landscape Designer

Customer Vision

  • A garden with a clean finish, that would filter into the native surroundings.
    A space for their kids to play.
    Entertaining areas for the adults.
    Wanted a bigger impact / focal point at the front entry.
    A balance between a traditional and modern landscape.

The Challenges

  • The space between the home and native trees was narrow, making it naturally feel compressed.
  • The yard backed onto a swampy area.  Soil was brought in to adjust the grading to allow for more space in the back.
  • There was very little slope from back to front, making the drainage challenging.
  • Numerous access points to the landscape from the home, that needed to connect to the main paving stone path.  This had to have a considered flow to minimize the amount of hardscape in the landscape.


  • Tried to maximize the lawn space to enable some graceful bed lines.
    Created some patio space in the back parts of the yard to encourage using the whole yard.
    Used plants that had different foliage color to create interest.
    Had some contemporary water features in both front and back, to create more impact at the entries.
    We created subtle swales to enable water to drain out of the yard. 

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