The design and construction of a retaining wall is very important. They are created to hold back a significant amount of soil and rock for a variety of reasons. How effective your wall is will determine how long it lasts – a few years, or decades. Although the structure is integral to your yard, retaining walls should also be incorporated into the overall design of the landscape.

First, it is important to understand the purpose of the retaining wall. It can create a designated space for kids to play in, or establish a space to place a hot tub, or help with accessibility for those that struggle with walking on a decline.

Next, you want to know the style you are looking to create in your backyard so the retaining wall can be incorporated into the overall look. This will determine what material and colours to use.

The look of the stone used in a retaining wall can be key. Salisbury Landscaping uses primarily stack stone or boulder stone for retaining walls. Within those materials there are a variety of colours and sizes, from large rough boulders to interlocking flagstone.

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