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Design & Installation

What kind of landscaping projects do you do?

We specialize in the design and build of custom landscapes for full or partial yards, new yards, infills, or renovations to existing yards. The first step is working closely with one of our landscape designers to find your ideal landscape.

Why should I work with a landscape designer?

Planning correctly from the beginning will save you money in the long run and, as many know, landscaping a property is a large investment for any homeowner. Like all investments, landscaping needs to be approached with a well-developed plan before any work can start. Enlisting the expertise of our landscape designers ensures your landscape dreams become reality.

What is your landscape process?

We have developed a 4 step process, called The Salisbury Experience, which is easy to follow and gives clarity to you, your designer, and your project coordinator.

Does Salisbury do concrete/woodwork/irrigation?

We do not do this work ourselves but over the years we have created great relationships with local contractors that do this work. We are happy to recommend companies that we know would do an excellent job on any of these projects and will work with the subcontractors to ensure your project stays on time and budget.

Can I do some of the work myself?

As a full-service design and installation company, the integrity of our work and warranty relies on our ability to manage and oversee all parts of your landscape build. However, we encourage you to discuss your hopes or special requests with your designer to see if it can be accommodated. If you’re looking to complete the build on your own but you need assistance with the design, we now offer Landscape Design Consultations out of our two Salisbury locations in  St Albert and Sherwood Park.

Can I pick my landscape designer?

We love referrals, and if you’ve been referred by a Salisbury customer, we’ll do our best to pair you with the same designer. However, you can also request a designer to work with. You can get to know our designers on our Meet the Team pages.

What can I do to prepare for an on-site meeting with a landscape designer?

We always appreciate when customers have considered the details of their project before meeting with a designer! Before the meeting, we suggest giving thought to the overall feel you’re looking for, your budget range, your wants and needs for the space, the things you don’t like (such as certain types of plants or specific colours), and a copy of your Real Property Report.

What is a real property report (RPR)?

Usually located in the housing documents, a Real Property Report gives us the legal land description of a property. This includes dimensions and all property boundaries. It illustrates all the visible improvements (house, shed, garage, deck, etc) that are on your property, which helps us in designing your outdoor space.

Landscape Design Consultations

Do you do designs without landscaping?

Salisbury is now offering design consultation services! This service allows you to consult with a landscape designer for a fresh perspective on your yard’s potential. Your consulting designer will create a conceptual landscape design that can help you plan for your next landscape renovation. These consultations are offered within our Salisbury Greenhouse locations.

How much is a landscape design consultation?

As of June 1, 2021, each consultation is priced at $157.50 for the first hour, plus $105.00 for each subsequent hour. The majority of consultations are 1 hour in length. Our one-hour sessions are very informational, but more time can be requested if desired.

Rough and Final Grading

Do you do drainage repair?

We include drainage repair as part of a full design and build landscape project, but we do not offer drainage repairs as a separate service.

Do you do final grade?

Final grade is included and guaranteed as part of a design and build project with Salisbury.

However, we do not offer final grade as a separate service.

What is the difference between rough grade and final grade?

Rough grading is a clay/dirt grading which establishes the slope of the property, which is completed before any of the final elements of the landscape can be installed. Rough grade is typically completed by the home builder. The final grade is the grading of the property that establishes the final shape and elevation of the property, which is then followed by the installation of the sod, hardscaping, and plant material. Final grade is completed by a landscaper.

Do you do final grade and then landscaping after approval?

We offer final grade and landscaping, as well as a guarantee of approval on your final grade from the City. If you plan to seek out a final grade from any landscape company before installing your own landscaping, we strongly recommend obtaining a guarantee on your final grade before you begin your build. This is because a non-passing final grade will need to be redone, along with any subsequent landscaping, until it meets the standards of the City bylaw. 

Why can’t my landscape start until the rough grade is complete?

Rough grade ensures proper drainage away from buildings and towards a city right of way. Once you believe the rough grade is complete on your home, it must be inspected by a city inspector who will issue a certificate for the completed work. Once the landscaping is complete, a final grade inspection is done by the City of Edmonton to ensure the landscaping has not negatively affected the drainage of your property. Rough grade must be completed before we start any landscaping installation on your yard.

Quoting and Timelines

How much does professional landscaping cost?

There are countless variables that go into quoting landscaping projects of any size. The best way to receive an accurate estimate for your project is to contact us for a quote. We can inspect your property in-person and work with you to provide an informed estimate, with no pressure to start right away. A budget of $15,000 for a new build landscape that meets your architectural guidelines is a healthy starting point for your project. Renovation projects typically cost more due to the removal component of your existing landscape.

How quickly can Salisbury start my landscaping project?

We work on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a budget is agreed upon, your project can be scheduled. We recommend that you start the design process early as we do book up quickly with the short summer season Alberta has to offer. We are open all year round, so winter consultation will help you get on our schedule early!

How long does landscaping take?

It definitely depends on the project, but it’s pretty amazing how fast our team can work! Installation timelines can range from 2 days to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.

Planting and Plant Inventory

If I purchase a tree at the greenhouse, will you plant it?

While delivery from Salisbury Greenhouse can be arranged, we currently only offer planting services as part of a full design and build project. Salisbury Greenhouse does not offer tree planting as a separate service.

How do I know what inventory you have in stock?

Salisbury Landscaping doesn’t carry any sellable inventory; we special-order all of our materials specifically for current projects. However, you can visit your nearest Salisbury Greenhouse for a fantastic selection of plants as well as gardening and landscape products.

If I want to source my own plant material for my landscaping project, will you plant it?

We’ll be happy to include plant material you have provided in your landscape installation. However, we do not offer warranty service on plants purchased from other greenhouses.

Customer Safety

What precautions are you taking with regards to COVID-19?

We’re fortunate to be in an industry in which close contact with customers is not necessary in order to offer first-rate service. However, we have introduced several measures to further safeguard our customers and team. You can read our COVID-19 statement here.

Does Salisbury hold a COR (Certificate of Recognition)?

Salisbury is proud to be one of the few landscaping companies in Alberta that continually invests in holding a COR from the Province. This certificate is awarded to businesses that meet or exceed standards set by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), which are audited regularly by a Certifying Partner.  

A COR represents adherence to the highest safety standards for our workers and anyone who might interact with a Salisbury work site. Every member of our team takes a great deal of care and effort to ensure these standards are upheld on every project, every time.

Click here to learn more about COR.

Warranty and Aftercare

What is your landscaping warranty?

We take warranty very seriously and maintain a proactive approach to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our after-care team will visit your landscape the following spring to inspect all aspects of your landscape, and replace as necessary. You can read more about our process on our warranty page.

What is the warranty period?

Warranty covers one full growing season after installation, so if your project is completed in Spring 2021, the guarantee lasts until Fall 2022. However, warranty claims can be made no earlier than June of the year following the installation.

Why do you wait until June to start the warranty?

New plant material takes a little more time to leaf out than mature plant material; we don’t start the warranty until June to allow time for them to catch up to your other plants!

Does Salisbury offer aftercare maintenance?

Although we do have a comprehensive warranty program, we do not offer ongoing upkeep of yards and gardens. We offer mulch top-up, pruning, consults, enhancements, and other services to help you maintain your new space, but these services are optional add-ons and are not included in your warranty.

I can’t think of a thing that we would do differently. There was a flow to the work an the progression was amazing to watch. The crew was great and we were pleased to see that they cleaned up at the end of each day (which made our neighbours very happy as well). Andreas was great to work with and made plant selections for our yard knowing that neither my husband nor I have “green thumbs”. As a result we are grateful to Andreas for walking us through our new yard and giving us advice on care and maintenance.


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