1. What kind of landscaping projects do you do?

Salisbury specializes in the design and build of custom landscapes for full or partial yards, new yards, or renovations to existing yards. The first step is working closely with one of our landscape designers to find your ideal landscape.

2. Can Salisbury Landscaping re-organize my flower bed or remove a tree?

We are a full design and build landscape company and so it is not economical for us to remove a single tree from a yard or re-organize an existing flower bed. If you are looking for an entire new design for your yard then we are happy to help with that.

3. Why should I work with a landscape designer?

Planning correctly from the beginning will save you money in the long run and as many know landscaping a property is a large investment for any homeowner. Like all investments, landscaping needs to be approached with a well-developed plan before any work can start. Enlisting the expertise of a landscape designer will ensure the vision you have for your yard becomes reality.

4. Can Salisbury Landscaping give me a free estimate over the phone?

We aren’t like other companies. By contacting Salisbury Landscaping it tells us that you want a professional assessment of your space and services required for your landscape. Each landscape is unique, just as the homeowner is with his or her wants, needs and budget. Without meeting you and your space we feel we can’t give you a fair cost. We believe in respecting you and your yard by helping you explore your project with more information and better understanding of what is involved before making a decision on who to go with. It is very rare that receiving an over the phone estimate will give you a comparison of ‘apples to apples’ we prefer a more solid approach.

5. How much does professional landscaping cost?

o get the best return on investment possible, industry specialists recommend that homeowners budget around 10% of their home value for professional landscaping. That said, every project is unique and every client has their own set of wants and needs. It’s best to contact a reputable landscaper to discuss your landscaping ideas in more detail to determine what the cost will be. To start this process we recommend completing our Outdoor Vision Tool.

6. What is your landscape process?

We have developed a 4 step process, called the Salisbury Experience, which is easy to follow and gives clarity to you, your designer and your project coordinator.

7. How quickly can Salisbury start my landscaping project?

Salisbury works on a first come, first serve basis. So once a budget is agreed upon, your project can be scheduled. We recommend that you start the design process early as we do book up quickly with the short summer season Alberta has to offer. We are open all year around so Winter consultation will help you get on our schedule early.

8. Does Salisbury do concrete/woodwork/irrigation?

We do not do this work ourselves but over the years we have created great relationships with local contractors that do this work. We are happy to recommend companies that we know would do an excellent job on any of these projects and will work with the subcontractors to ensure your project stays on time and budget.

9. What is Rough Grade and how important is it?

Rough grade is done to provide good drainage away from buildings and towards a City right of way for the benefit of you and your neighbours. Once you believe the rough grade is complete on your home it must be inspected by a City Inspector who will issue a certificate for the completed work. Once the landscaping is done a final grade inspection is done by the city as well to ensure the landscaping has not negatively affected the drainage of your property. Rough grade must be completed before we start our work of landscaping your yard.

10. What is a real property report (RPR)?

Usually located in the housing documents, a Real Property Report gives us the legal land description of a property. This includes dimensions and all property boundaries. It illustrates all the visible improvements (house, shed, garage, deck, etc) that are on your property which helps us in designing your outdoor space.

11. What is your landscaping warranty?

Salisbury takes warranty very seriously and maintains a pro-active approach to guarantee client satisfaction. We’ll visit your yard the following Spring after plants leaf out to check for warranty items, including plants and other aspects of your landscape. Our After-care team will then come back and replace as necessary.

12. Does Salisbury offer aftercare maintenance?

Although we do have a comprehensive warranty program, we do not offer ongoing upkeep of yards and gardens.

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