Landscape Design in the Fall?

The morning air is a little cooler, leaves are starting to fall from the trees, and the sun is going down earlier every day. While you might think of landscaping as something to revisit in spring, the best time to get started is actually just coming up. Starting your landscape design in the fall has huge benefits for you, and can even end up saving you money while allowing you more time to enjoy your new awe-inspiring outdoor space.

What to expect when you work with us

Integrity and Process. These are two of the driving factors behind everything we do at Salisbury Landscaping. Since Salisbury started offering landscaping services in 1993, we’ve built a reputation on professional, dependable service with a customer-focused approach. We’re proud of our process for working with homeowners to bring their dream landscapes to life. Here’s what to expect when you work with us.

Why plan your outdoor space in the fall?


When early spring hits in Edmonton, outdoor living is top of mind again, and we see an influx of folks looking to start their landscaping projects. While we love to see the enthusiasm, the sheer volume of customers at this time of year, our designers simply have less time to spend with each family. Once things cool off, our design team schedules start to open up. With the increase in time to talk and think about your project, we can come up with something really creative for your space!

“Every detail was taken care of, even sealing the ends of the cut wood. We were impressed with every stage and the attention to detail. Nothing to do differently.”



The spring is a busy time for landscapers all over the country, and Edmonton is no different. If we know what we need before the spring begins, the orders can be placed as early as possible. This way, the materials for your design are first in line to be fulfilled, and you are that much closer to enjoying your dream landscape.

“We were very happy with the work done and with the staff who did the landscaping and planting—a knowledgeable, professional, and friendly team.”



Changed your mind about an aspect of the design? Maybe you want the water feature next to the patio, or perhaps you’ve reconsidered which trees you want for your front yard. It’s totally normal to have second thoughts about a part of your design. That’s why it pays to have extra time to think about it! By starting your landscape design, you have lots of time to critically think about what you want before the work begins.

“Andreas has been very helpful, and has given us a couple of wonderful designs.  Cannot wait to continue.”



At the end of the day, you work with us because you want to make the most of the outdoor space you have. Our summers here in Edmonton are already short enough, so why not finish your project early and start enjoying it sooner?

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Kevin.  Loved his ideas, and are really excited to see the hardscape/trees come to life.”


Start your Salisbury Experience

Whitemud Park Landscape Design by Andreas Lietz of Salisbury Landscaping

Very pleased with Jason, his attention to detail, and how approachable he is have made the experience thus far 10+. As well as a fellow business owner it is refreshing to see Adam be hands on, on all aspects of the business, and really care about customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Salisbury to anyone considering a landscaping project, small or large scale.