An important part of any landscape is a patio where you can relax and spend time with friends and family. Our passion is to create a sanctuary that suites each individual client.

What to Think About Before Designing Your Patio


Our designers meet with their customers to determine four things when designing a patio:


1. How many people will regularly use the patio?

This can tell the designer how big the patio needs to be so they can incorporate the rest of the design around it.


2. What is the purpose for the patio?

Is it to hold a dining table and chairs, a lounging set to relax, or a fire pit for summer evenings. This will tell the designer where the patio should be placed in your new yard.


3. Square or Round – what do you prefer.

The choice in lines will help determine if you are looking for a traditional yard versus a more modern look.


4. Material Options.

Understanding the purpose will help determine what material is best suited for the space. The options include gravel, a variety of brick, or concrete.

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