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Avery Armstrong
Master Gardener & Landscape Designer

Customer Vision

Transform the yard’s large slope into a functional garden space, preserving areas for existing perennials. Create a serene atmosphere on the back patio, with a softened view of the ravine and pedestrian path. Minimize sod usage due to its incompatibility with the slope.

The Challenges

The steep slope and drainage issues from the house to the ravine pose significant challenges. Incorporating existing perennials into the new design requires careful planning. Limited access to the yard for machinery adds difficulty to the project. Additionally, the removal of deteriorating wooden retaining walls and introduction of boulders require careful execution.

The Design

The yard’s challenges were addressed by constructing swooping natural boulder walls, effectively terracing the slope and enhancing garden usability. The client’s existing planting and perennials were thoughtfully incorporated, with an entire day dedicated to placing plants and collaborating with the client. An accent staircase of boulder steps provided convenient access from the back patio to the back gate. To maintain the slope and achieve an alpine rock garden ambiance, rock mulch was thoughtfully employed.