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Kevin Napora Salisbury Landscape Designer
Kevin Napora,
Master Gardener & Landscape Designer

The Ridge Customer Vision

  • Wanted a garden that looked spectacular in “winter”
  • Very low maintenance, & no sod
  • Wanted a sitting area in the front, that would make the home very inviting.

The Challenges

  • Had to remove all of the existing landscape (besides a few trees)
  • Choosing plant material that would have a very nice structure in the winter, while being a low maintenance plant in summer.
  • The grading required an internal swale for water drainage through the back yard. We had to make this work with the paving stones and artificial turf.

The Design

  • Kevin combined multiple hardscape & mulch surfaces in order to give interest to the xeriscape yard. Playing with textures.
  • The design has a strong pathway, that connects the different patios, giving unity to the overall design.
  • Kevin used more evergreens and dense shrubs to “catch the snow” in winter to give more interest.
  • Lighting was a must, so the customer could enjoy the yard in the winter, looking at it from the inside.

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