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Salisbury Landscape Designer Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs,
Landscape Designer

Pleasant View Customer Vision

  • The customer wanted to replicate the modern linear feel of the home into the landscape.
  • Have a play area for kids.
  • Build in an area for a shed and vegetable garden
  • A large mountain ash had to be worked around.

The Challenges

  • Access into the back yard was really tight for our equipment. This included carefully crossing over concrete walks
  • There was a lot of shade created by the larger trees, mostly from surrounding neighbour trees.
  • The veggie garden had only one area to go for sufficient sun. So, we had to design around this.

The Design

  • Created an offset angle to help bring a sense of energy to the landscape. This also helped work around existing site features.
  • Using a European principle called “Belgian Paving”, gave this modern garden a slightly older feel.
  • A Triangular Shed was designed & custom built to fit into the space, & remained functional for storage.

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