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McTaggart Landscape Design by Andreas Lietz of Salisbury Landscaping.
Andreas Lietz,
Senior Landscape Designer

McTaggart Customer Vision

  • Create an inviting and practical yard
  • Minimize the amount of grass and create a front yard without any
  • Have a lot of seasonal interest

The Challenges

  • Artificially raise the front yard so that retaining walls can be used to create a flowing feel throughout it.
  • Create a plant border for privacy along the fence at the public walk without blocking the entire view of the naturalized area.

The Design

  • Flowing elevation changes created of two different types of retaining walls.
  • A lot of seasonal interest in the front.
  • Eliminate grass in the front so that stepping stones are the only access to connect the front and back yard/ no need for a lawn mower in front.
  • Have a raised veggie garden close to the deck and have a designated spot for a trampoline.

Photography by: Victor Push

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