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Salisbury Landscape Designer Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs,
Landscape Designer

Laurier Park Customer Vision

  • Customer was looking for a very bold feel. Structured & clean
  • Customer wanted ample space for entertaining
  • Wanted space for the hot tub & trampoline
  • Create a flat area for sports, both for the kids and the family
  • Create a raised wall to border the sports court
  • Ease of maintenance. And tidy up the existing landscape
  • Feeling of a garden that echoed the linear architecture of the home
  • Block out certain views.

The Challenges

  • Match the style of the back landscaping (which was new), with the existing front landscape.
  • The existing grading had to be dramatically changed to incorporate the sports court
  • There were huge mature poplars that had to be removed. These trees spread their roots throughout the yard (roots & trees had to be removed)
  • Coordinating with the concrete contractor, who had to pour the wall at the start of the project, which created access challenges for landscaping.

The Design

  • The design was started by using a series of recti-linear blocks to create a structure & considered flow to allow access into each of the areas.
  • The design used certain desire lines (connecting access points, like doors, steps, etc)
  • The planting plan was left to the end, to see how best to utilize to react to the structure of the design.
  • Thought was give to seasonal color and flowers to ensure there was always something interesting going on.

Photography by: Victor Push

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