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Kevin Napora Salisbury Landscape Designer
Kevin Napora,
Master Gardener & Landscape Designer

Bonnie Doon Customer Vision

  • To renovate the existing landscape to attract nature
  • Wanted to attract birds by having a more nature setting & the right plant material
  • A water feature and entertaining space for small groups

The Challenges

  • Customer wanted lots of features, in a very small yard.
  • Existing yard was artificial turf, so there was lots of gravel under it. This all had to be excavated, removed, and garden soil mix added, so plants could thrive.
  • Finding the right balance of plant material so birds will both be attracted to the yard, and then stay in the yard.

The Design

  • A Rocky Mountain style was chosen. This united all the elements of water feature, birds, & plants.
  • I created a get-away that takes you on a journey thru nature. You start by listening to a mountain stream, then crossing a dry creek over a stone bridge, that takes you to a small patio tucked away in the forest.
  • Along the way, there are plants that flower throughout the season & have different fragrances, to entice you to stay a little longer.

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