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Warranty: Our Process & How We’re Different

There’s no doubt that major landscaping projects are an awesome investment for your property. Our team works diligently through the consultation, design, and installation process to make sure every customer ends up with a space that suits their lifestyle. Once the tools are cleared away and the trucks are packed up, though, it may look like our work is done. Don’t be fooled—our comprehensive warranty program means we’re still working hard for you! Here’s what to expect from us after your landscaping project is complete.

A Call from Our Aftercare Specialist

Soon after your landscape is complete, our Aftercare Specialist will be in touch with you to debrief on your project. They’ll ensure you’re satisfied with the work, ask if you have any concerns, and answer your questions about maintaining the different plants and fixtures installed as part of your landscape design. Your warranty program covers all plants for one growing year, and any plants that don’t survive will be replaced during the following growing season.

A One-Year Check-In

Mother Nature always has surprises up her sleeve, and we can’t always predict how a year’s worth of weather will affect your landscape. In the early spring, we check in with you through email to see how things are holding up. The email will also explain your warranty coverage. If you have any concerns about how the changing seasons have affected the space, we’ll set up a yard assessment.

So, what if something comes up before we contact you? Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait until spring to get in touch with us! Our team works all year long.

Yard Assessments As Needed

If we determine a yard assessment is required, an Aftercare Specialist will stop by to inspect the premises. We’ll send you an email explaining the results of the assessment, and work with you to develop an action plan. Once we settle on next steps, our team will schedule the work and order any needed materials.

We’ll Fix It

We’ll send you an email with the date our team is scheduled to complete the warranty work. Unless you contact us to re-schedule, you can count on us to get the work done in the time frame we provided. In rare cases, inclement weather may prevent us from performing certain aspects of the work as scheduled. If this happens, we will let you know immediately and make it a priority to complete the service as soon as possible.

Warranty Service Follow-Up

When the warranty service is complete, we’ll check in again to confirm that you’re happy with our work. We’ll also send out a brief warranty service survey to get your input on how we did.

Yearly Follow-Ups

Even after your warranty expires, you’re not on your own! We’ll follow up annually to see how we can help with maintenance projects, like topping up mulch or pruning trees. Feel free to use this opportunity to book future consults or ask us about our other maintenance service options.

At Salisbury Landscaping, we’re proud to offer the most extensive landscaping warranty program in the Edmonton area. Our Warranty department is involved from the very beginning of each project to make sure you’re satisfied with your new landscape for years to come.

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