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Keep Your Yard the Envy of the Neighbourhood

When a space has been created for optimal growth, everything wants to  grow – including weeds. There is a perception that if you have your yard landscaped it becomes maintenance free for life. In order to keep your yard the envy of all the neighbours work is required. The best way to do this is weeding!

  1. It keeps your garden beds tidy and plants healthy
  2. Weeds will inhibit plant growth by competing for moisture and nutrients in the soil
  3. Weeds will ruin the look of your carefully-planned garden
  4. Some weeds are poisonous or can cause skin irritation
  5. Once established, weeds can be hard to remove without damaging your plants

There are some great weeding tools on the market to make weeding a task. Here
are just a few to keep your garden beautiful.

hand rake4 prong cultivator

oscillating stirrup hoepruning saw








Hand Rake – The hand rake is great for use around flowers and smaller plantings. The short handle gives greater control in small spaces.

4 Pronged Cultivator – The standing 4 pronged cultivator offers an easy and back
pain free option for maintaining your garden. The tines aerate the soil while removing roots of the weeds.

Oscillating Stirrup Hoe –  This hoe travels below the soil surface to cut the weeds

where they are most vulnerable.

Pruning Saw – This tool is best used for wood 1.5” or thicker.



All the information in this post comes from:
The Perfect Time to Garden … Is Not Necessarily Right Now written by Kevin Napora

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