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Eclectic, Bold Interior Design Brought to Your Landscape

Salisbury Landscaping patio seating area

So you’re looking for bold designs for your landscape? Well, why not! We’re ready to let loose and live a little. The quiet tones of yesteryear no longer seem right, and it’s time to don our spring colours and transform our yards into places of rich, bold beauty. Once again, we can turn to the captivating world of interior design to help us bring fresh looks to our yard!      

Maximalist Designs 

You’ve heard of minimalism; now imagine the opposite. Instead of sleek furniture and clean walls, maximalism brings lush tapestries, floral wallpaper, velvet furniture, and layers of colours. It’s not necessarily the accumulation of more stuff; instead, it’s the beautiful arrangement of many different elements. 

Out in the garden, this approach translates into a place of abundance. Just imagine vines growing along your fences, ground covers creeping between your stepping stones, and flowers blooming from every cranny in your garden all season long. It would be a paradise for you and the birds, bees, and butterflies. 

Salisbury Landscaping coral bells and spirea shrub

Chartreuse Greens 

Imagine your garden is like a room that you want to paint with splashes of bold colour. You could use flowers or cover your garden with bright leaves to get the perfect colour scheme. Chartreuse green leaves are excellent for adding a splash of eclectic tones. We recommend:

  • Spireas: bring golden-green leaves to your yard, brightening the whole landscape and contrasting beautifully darker green leaves. When these small shrubs bloom in late spring or early summer, they add vivid pink flowers to the mix for an even more eclectic look.
  • Coral Bells: these shade plants always bring bold colours to your garden, with leaves ranging from purple to burgundy, pink, and chartreuse. They reach up tall stems that bloom with a chorus of tiny bell-shaped flowers in early-to-mid summer.
Salisbury Landscaping-art in garden

Garden Art as Focal Points

Nothing brings a bold look into a room like a piece of art. We don’t often think of it, but we can also bring artwork into the garden. Adding a sculpture to the center of your yard suddenly changes the whole atmosphere. 

You can also arrange your antique furniture, old barrels, pieces of antique equipment, and even an interesting boulder to create art of your own. Combine them with flower arrangements, and suddenly you have a captivating focus for one part or all of your landscape.   

Salisbury Landscaping echinacea flower and peonies

Art Deco 

This architecture and interior design style was born out of the roaring ’20s and is known for its rich colours, symmetrical geometry, wavy shapes, and luxuriousness. It skips the frills and ornaments of the earlier Edwardian age and instead focuses on bold, streamlined shapes and linearity. 

In your landscape, you could capture that with new art deco edging to your beds, art pieces, and symmetrical gardens of lavish flowers. Here are two flowers that might fit well into this kind of landscape:  

  • Coneflowers: also called Echinacea, these fragrant perennials start blooming in June and keep up the show into the fall. The most common kind is the purple coneflower, which has dazzling fuchsia petals, but you’ll also find white, orange, and yellow coneflowers in equally bright tones. These daisy-like flowers are like a box of pastels that you can use to brighten any bed in your landscape. 
  • Peonies: these big bloomers are the archetypal spring flower. Their huge head of ruffled petals is like an extraordinary work of art all on its own. Peonies typically bloom in late spring and early summer in various shades of pink or white.   

There’s always a time and place for minimalism’s clean, soothing look, but if you feel like your landscape is ready for a change, why not take a bold approach this year and let it bloom in a new way? 

For more inspiration, feel free to contact us at Salisbury Landscaping, and visit our garden centres in St. Albert and Sherwood Park!     

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