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#4 of the Top Ten Things You Need to Know Before you Landscape by Donna Brown

A good quality edger can make your yard look amazing with little maintenance. The edger separates shrub areas from grass areas, keeping a barrier that does not allow grass to grow in to the shrub beds.

Types of edger

  • Aluminum edger: This is the best edger to use. It provides a thin, but stable
    barrier that sits flush with the ground and stays in the ground well.
  • Plastic edger: A higher quality is easier to bend without kinks and can be installed firmly in place. This tends to get knocked out of place by lawn mowers.
  • Concrete edger: This option is fairly durable, and provides a good base for lawnmower tires. It can break down over time, and can be overbearing in a smaller yard.
  • Paving stones: look good if maintained well. Grass does tend to grown in between the stones. This is a labor intensive and usually more expensive route to go.

aluminum edge plastic edge concrete edge stone edge

Whatever material you use, always use an edger between shrub beds and your lawn.

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