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Sod vs Artificial Turf: Which is Better for Your Unique Landscape?

Salisbury landscaping -sod vs turf in alberta - healthy lawn with real grass

More and more homeowners are making the switch from sod grass to artificial turf. Both options have many merits as well as a few potential downsides. Deciding which option is best for you will depend on a few factors—namely, the size and features of your landscape. We’ve summarized the pros and cons, so you can decide which option is superior in the case of sod vs turf!  

Sod vs Turf: Comparing Costs

The main thing that seems to dissuade people from purchasing artificial turf is the high cost, but if you think about it, it’s not much more expensive than sod grass. With artificial turf, it’s one high upfront cost, but it lasts for decades! With sod grass, you pay a little bit every year to keep it looking green and healthy, but it’s continuous yearly labour. If you’d rather have a one-and-done solution for one lump sum instead of a continual commitment that requires many small purchases over the long term, artificial turf might be better for you.

Salisbury landscaping -artificial turf golf putting area in Alberta

It’s Great for Smaller Spaces and Urban Areas

Adding artificial turf is easy if you have a small yard; less surface area means less cost! It’s also fantastic for small, paved yards and patios in urban areas, so if living in a concrete jungle is bumming you out, you can add artificial turf to your space. It gives the same vibe as a grassy green lawn, and being around greenery has proven benefits for your mental health!

Your Pets Won’t Ruin It 

Anyone with a dog will be familiar with the unending battle of fixing dead patches in the grass. When your pets relieve themselves on the lawn, it will kill the grass and require reseeding. You’ll never have to worry about Rufus ruining the grass with artificial turf!

It’s Easy to Clean

Speaking of pets relieving themselves on the lawn, you won’t have to worry about artificial turf getting filthy. Just spray it down with a hose, and you’re good to go! The only potential downside is that your turf may hang onto the smell even after you rinse it off.

Easier Maintenance

Hate mowing the lawn? You won’t need to push around a heavy lawnmower ever again with artificial turf. You can also skip all the other yearly maintenance tasks, like aerating, dethatching, and fertilizing.  The only thing you’ll have to stay on top of is vacuuming or blowing the turf to clean up dead leaves, and relaying the turf sand every few years. Easy peasy!

Salisbury Landscaping - Sod vs Artificial Turf in Alberta -artificial turf area

It Lasts a Very Long Time

You can expect good-quality artificial turf to last around 15–25 years! If you divide your upfront costs by 25 and compare that to what you spend on your grass lawn every year, it may cost a very similar amount in the long run.

It’s Pretty Convincing

You have to inspect artificial turf grass pretty closely to tell that it’s synthetic. It’s quite attractive—and when you consider that it’s always perfectly lush and never patchy, that gives it merit. 

If Your Yard Is Huge, Artificial Turf May Be Too Expensive

Now, if you’ve got a sprawling acreage, artificial turf probably isn’t the answer. You’d have to take out a mortgage for that kind of project. However, if you have a small-to-medium-sized yard, turf is a great option.

It Gets Hot in the Summer

Artificial turf can be uncomfortable to walk on when it’s super hot outside! Since it’s a plastic product, it will absorb and trap heat. You don’t want to douse it with water to cool it down, or you can increase the chances of moss growing in the turf! 

It’s Evergreen

Edmonton in the early spring can be a little dreary until we get a substantial amount of rain. Make sure you won’t mind standing out in the neighbourhood with an evergreen lawn while everything else is still dormant from winter.

The Pros and Cons of Sod

The classic grass lawn has some major selling points, but there are a lot of different elements to consider. 

Salisbury landscaping -sod vs turf in alberta -real grass in back yard

More Upkeep is Required

Weeding, dethatching, aerating, fertilizing, mowing, watering, reseeding—you get the picture! A real grass lawn requires regular upkeep to stay healthy and green, but if you get a kick out of yard work, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

It’s Real

We totally get if the thought of a synthetic lawn feels a little weird to you. It isn’t for everyone, and let’s face it—the texture of real, lush, dewy grass is incomparable. 

Salisbury Landscaping - Sod vs Artificial Turf in Alberta -laying down sod

It’s Cheaper in the Short-Term

If you’re being mindful of your budget, getting a full turf lawn might be out of the question. Some upkeep here and there is easier to manage than one big landscape overhaul. Plus, you always have the option to reduce your lawn size and add more hardscapes or gardens. 

Have any questions or concerns about sod vs turf in Edmonton? Reach out to our landscaping services, and we can offer you some suggestions to suit your space, budget, and overall vision for your landscape. 

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