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Family-Friendly Landscape Features for All-Day Outdoor Play

While we’ll be continuing with social distancing for the foreseeable future, that shouldn’t restrict you and your family from enjoying another beautiful Alberta summer. Luckily, with a family-oriented landscape design, you can include lots of fun features right at home, while still maintaining a tidy aesthetic. With these family-friendly backyard design ideas, you’ll have no worries about keeping your kids (and spouse) amused this summer!


There’s nothing more reminiscent of your childhood than memories of time spent playing in your treehouse. There’s no doubt that your kids will be thrilled at the idea of having their very own, private space, that’ll result in hours and hours of outdoor play. Plus, a treehouse offers a cozy, rustic feel to your landscape—especially when it’s nestled amongst the trees! However, if you don’t have many large, sturdy trees to work with, treehouses can be built as stand-alone structures.

Home Playground

It’s amazing how some kids can amuse themselves with just their imagination alone. However, if you’re aiming for all-day amusement, an outdoor play space is a must. A state of the art backyard playground isn’t necessary, but a few age-appropriate additions can go a long way. For toddlers and small children, a simple sandbox or toddler pool is as amusing as a day at the beach. Kids who are a little older will enjoy a backyard swing set or playset. Tire swings offer an excellent alternative for landscapes with limited space, particularly if you wanted to keep the aesthetic a little more natural.

Multi-Purpose Sports Court

We recently completed a formal, but family-friendly landscape design for an Edmonton family that included a multi-purpose sports court. This area could be used to play any court sport, such as basketball, volleyball, or badminton, from spring until fall. In the winter, it can easily be converted into a small, backyard hockey rink — and what screams “Canadian family” more than that? If you’re interested in constructing something similar, you can check out the project here.

Fire Feature

Extend outdoor play into the evening with a family fire pit. Roast some marshmallows and break out the guitar for a few sing-alongs, and your kids will feel just like they’re away at summer camp! We’ll work with you to choose a fire feature and seating area design that best fits your needs and landscape aesthetic. 

These are just a few family-friendly features that we can integrate into your landscape design. If you’re looking for more, take a look at some of our other Edmonton backyard landscaping ideas. With safety in mind, our designers can work with you remotely to discuss a vision for your property and, due to the nature of our business, we can work on your landscape design from a safe distance. Interested? Book your consultation today!

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