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Why Design the Landscape Early in the Home Build Process?

Are you about to embark on a new home build? Congratulations! Building a home means your family’s dream home can become a reality, exactly as you envisioned it. While the idea of moving into your new, personalized indoor spaces is exciting to look forward to, we also encourage you to give some thought to your outdoor spaces! Planning your landscaping early in the home build process has numerous benefits that directly impact your investment and your quality of life in your new home.

Ease of Financing

One of the most appealing benefits of planning your home build and residential landscaping at the same time is that you can often roll the cost of both into the mortgage. With interest rates as low as they are today, financing your landscaping with the cost of your home lets you get everything done at once and keeps your monthly costs as low as possible.

Design early in the home build process

Smoother Planning for your build

Planning your landscape alongside your build also makes more sense from a planning perspective. The landscape of a home build is required by Edmonton bylaws to meet certain requirements once complete, so it makes sense to shape your new landscape into the one you really want. Working together with your builder and Salisbury will allow everyone to avoid unexpected costs and repeat work. 

Furthermore, many external features of the house can be worked out between us and the builders to ensure that the new yard landscaping complements the functionality of the home. For example, we can work together to ensure that pathways and other features are located on the opposite side of the area where the air conditioning unit will eventually be located.

Wing Walls in your home build

Improve the Look of Wing Walls

Walk-out basements are huge right now, and most walk-outs rely on the construction of wing walls. Wing walls require very specific procedures to install in order to prevent drainage issues. Most home build projects include basic poured concrete wing walls, but landscapers can also style the wing walls to complement the design of the home; for instance, building the walls out of boulders. If your home will have a walk-out basement, hiring Salisbury to work alongside the builder makes a lot of sense from a timing perspective. The wing walls are completed much earlier than other stages of the project, so we can build the walls with your finished aesthetic in mind before the build is complete, then return later to complete the yard. 

Choosing the Finishes You Want

Curb appeal is a big part of your home’s value. When investing in a new home, we all want that “wow” factor when we pull up to the front driveway. While most build packages will include some functional hardscapes, like a poured concrete driveway, choosing us for your Edmonton landscaping services beforehand allows you to fully customize how your yard will look. You can opt for a beautiful interlocking paver driveway instead, add features like retaining walls and garden beds, and add shrubs, trees, and other plants to add warmth and personality to your newly finished home.

A Trained Eye for Trees

If your new build is an infill, there’s a good chance you have some trees on the lot. When we’re able to consult early in the process, we can assess the trees on the property to see which ones are adding value, and which ones are hiding unexpected costs. Since we’re trained to recognize a healthy tree versus a diseased or even hazardous tree, we can point out which trees your landscape should work with and which ones are better off getting removed. We can also point out which trees may be in need of service—it’s not uncommon for healthy trees to grow a little unruly, and those wayward limbs can sometimes become a safety concern or cause damage to the home.

In some cases, the lot may have newer trees that can be moved to better suit the design. Depending on the season when you purchased the lot, the tree might have beautiful features and seasonal colours you may not yet be aware of!

How to Get Started

If you think booking your landscaping services to coincide with your home build may be the right option for you, the first step is to book a lot assessment as soon as possible after purchasing your lot. We’ll meet you at the property, discuss your vision, and offer insights on how we foresee the space shaping up. Get started today by contacting us to schedule your lot assessment!

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