A large movement right now is to be more environmentally friendly through every area of our lives.

Xeriscaping, or eco-landscaping, is a design where the landscape reduces or eliminates completely the need for supplement water from irrigation. To have xeriscaping work in your yard it is important to have a well thought out and designed landscape before the building process begins. There are some great reasons to consider xeriscaping as a concept for your landscape design

Xeriscaped backyard with path way and plants
Xeriscaped backyard with pathway

Saves Water.

By strategically planting specific plants and trees and limiting the amount of grass in a yard with xeriscaping people can reduce their residential water use 50%-75%

Lower maintenance yard.

Aside from pruning and wedding, maintenance on a xeriscaping yard is very minimal.

No fertilizer or pesticides needed.

The need for pesticides is greatly reduced if not completely removed by using plants native our location and zone as well as using healthy soil.

Pollution free.

A key to xeriscaping is to limit the amount of sod or artificial turf used in a yard. This limits the need for lawn mowing and it can often be done with a push or electric mower.

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