In Edmonton we have the perfect environment to incorporate outdoor lighting into any landscape.

As days remain short through Fall, Winter and into Spring a backyard can still be enjoyed and showcased through strategic landscape lighting. Whether you want to illuminate pathways around the yard, or highlight a specific feature be it a water fountain, or a statue, even create mood lighting around a fireplace for a more romantic setting.

There are many ways to incorporate landscape lighting ideas into a yard to know
what will work best for you ask yourself these simple questions.


1.What is the purpose of landscape lighting?

Ask yourself why you want to add lighting to your yard. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening hours. Maybe it’s security reasons or to illuminate walking paths. You might want to highlight a special feature like a water fountain or pond.


2. Make a sketch of your yard.

It is easiest to add lighting during the design and installation phase to ensure the lighting is exactly where you want it. If your backyard is already landscaped, then a sketch will help determine where lighting can be added.


3. Decide where lighting should go.

This is the time to match the purpose for the lighting to where you would like to see lighting. Our designers will talk through lighting options with you to ensure the correct lighting is chosen to match your vision.

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