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Kevin Napora Salisbury Landscape Designer
Kevin Napora,
Master Gardener, Landscape Designer

Customer Vision

Deal with the severe slope on either side of the house to prevent erosion.

Add in backyard sitting space and create an area for a vegetable garden.

Plantings that added colour and softened all of the hardscape areas.

Create a staircase to access the back-alley parking space.

The Challenges

The severe 40’ drop from the front of the house to the back alley.

Introducing larger gravel in a very tight space that would break the gulling caused by rain, yet not end up sliding down the hill on its own. 

In the back, finding space to add plant material that would break up all of the hardscapes created by retaining walls and patios.  

The Design

Designed a terracing pattern that zigzagged its way down the back hill. This patterned broke up the space to integrate patios and more importantly created more stable surfaces to reduce the flow of water and stabalize the mulches.

Introduced newer materials (Retaining walls and patio surfaces) that integrated the landscape with the materials and colours that were in the house. 

Created a vegetable garden in the sunniest spot in the yard.