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Starling Landscape Design by Jason Stubbs of Salisbury Landscaping.
Salisbury Landscape Designer Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs,
Landscape Designer

Starling Customer Vision

  • Wanted Low Maintenance, a firepit, and a staircase down the side of the home.
  • Room for a shed.
  • Artificial Turf
  • A path to the back gate
  • Did not want to block the lake view.
  • Create some privacy (both visually and audibly) from a busy road.

The Challenges

  • Several access points (gates, doors, stairs) into the garden.
  • Wide and narrow backyard, which is the opposite of most yards
  • The slope in the backyard created challenges to where to locate the shed.

The Design

  • Unify the flow with one set of curves that touched each of the access points.
  • The customer gave Jason lots of design freedom to come up with more original ideas.
  • Created an S-curved shape, and the 2 separate lawns that are leaf-shaped.

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