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Salisbury Landscape Designer Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs,
Landscape Designer

Customer Vision

The clients had built a modern home on the site of their old one. They were looking to integrate that home into the existing landscaping using all the plants they’d kept from their original perennial gardens.

The Challenges

The home was very linear and modern and was situated within a huge complex of stables and equine pursuits. the design had to blend the new garden in to the existing landscaping whilst working well 

The Design

The clients had various holding beds crammed with perennials ready to be exported into new garden beds. To echo the lines of the home, rectilinear beds were designed around all the walkways. The beds were then filled with perennials almost at random to act as a foil to the strong lines of the home and garden. boulders were interspersed among several beds to provide mass whilst blending those areas into the older garden areas.