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Build a multi-year plan toward the yard of your dreams.

Your landscape is for relaxing, so why rush? Structuring your landscape renovation over several years can open new possibilities for your outdoor transformation while helping you manage costs and stress.

What to expect when you work with us

Integrity and Process. These are two of the driving factors behind everything we do at Salisbury Landscaping. Since Salisbury started offering landscaping services in 1993, we’ve build a reputation on professional, dependable service with a customer-focused approach. We’re proud of our process for working with homeowners to bring their dream landscapes to life. Here’s what to expect when you work with us.


During your consultation with a Salisbury Landscaping designer, mention that you’re interested in a multi-year plan. First, we’ll create a landscape design that incorporates all the changes you envision for your property from start to finish. Then, we’ll work with you to sequence your installation in a way that makes sense for your goals, budget, and lifestyle.


Complex Projects

An outdoor transformation can take many shapes; maybe you want to do the front yard this year, and the backyard next spring. Or, perhaps you’re building a new home, and you’re truly starting from scratch! No dream is too big for our landscape designers to make it a reality. Our team can guide you through each stage of a complex multi-year renovation; from design and planning to installation and warranty.

“We really appreciate Andreas’s professionalism and skill with what seemed to us a challenging landscaping project. His approach is very practical and we know that his plan will suit our requirements very well.”

-D. Slade

Challenging Lots

Every lot is different, and we’ve seen it all. Non-standard lot shapes, tough-to-reach backyards, and all kinds of other challenges can get in the way and delay a landscape renovation. Fortunately, our designers are excellent problem solvers and are great at finding creative solutions, which may involve spreading the project over multiple seasons. By approaching the project in the correct order over a longer period of time, you’ll end up with pristine results with the lowest possible impact on you or your neighbour’s living space.

fireplace with nice cobblestone

“Andreas helped make the process easy and seamless.  He created a design that complemented our surroundings.”

-K. & L. Machado

Simpler Budgeting

Your landscape renovation may be the single biggest investment you make into your home. When a project grows more complex or involves a larger area, costs can add up, so advance planning makes budgeting so much simpler. Staging your project over multiple years can help you anticipate the costs of each stage, making it more manageable to achieve your desired results.

“As a fellow business owner it is refreshing to see Adam be hands-on in all aspects of the business, and really care about customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Salisbury to anyone considering a landscaping project, small or large scale.”

-K. Annett

Let us help

No matter what your reason for a multi-year landscape renovation plan, our team will guide you from start to finish.

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