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Enrich Your Life with DIY

Maybe you want to DIY your backyard or spruce up your front yard, but don’t know where to start. We get it, and we can help with that! Sit down to a 1-on-1 consult with a Salisbury Designer to develop a concept for your DIY landscape project.

We can guide you through conceptualizing a backyard with more privacy or a front foundation with more colour, and offer high-quality plants and products to exceed your expectations.

When you book a landscape consultation, you will receive a $50.00 gift card, courtesy of the Salisbury Landscaping team!

man and woman discussion Salisbury Landscape


You have an idea, but you aren’t quite sure how to put your new landscape design together. You are most likely a do-it-yourself kind of person, but you need help to conceptualize your creativity. That’s where we come in! Our designers will ensure that they understand your vision and guide you in the right direction on how to implement your ideas effectively. Booking a consultation is the first step in you bringing your ideas to fruition.

woman on a computer meeting Salisbury Landscape


During your DIY consultation with one of our designers, you can expect to receive sound advice and guidance on how you can put together your new landscape design. We encourage you to bring as many ideas, photos, videos, or any other materials to showcase your vision and what direction you want to go in. The designer will listen to exactly what you want to do and guide you in gathering all of the tools you may need to execute.

lavender beside backyard pond Salisbury Landscape


Once you’re ready to install the conceptual design, the Salisbury staff is ready to help source the materials. We carefully take into consideration your comfort level with ongoing maintenance and preferred style while weighing the options. From homegrown plants to high-quality products, we have what you need to complement the project—ultimately leading to the enjoyment of your landscape for years to come!

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