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Top 5 Landscaping Trends for Edmonton Backyards

two chairs in relaxing spot in back yard Salisbury Landscape

Even though we’ve got weeks of winter to go, many of us already have spring on the brain! While yearning for warmer days won’t bring them any faster, we can pass the time by planning our ideal backyard paradise for 2021. Need some inspiration? Here are the trendiest backyard landscaping ideas for Edmonton homeowners!

Outdoor Living Areas

It should come as no surprise that the top trend in backyard landscaping involves more outdoor living areas. Edmontonians are going a step further than the standard patio dining set and creating full-on extensions of their indoor living spaces. This starts with increased privacy—from upgraded fencing to sound-muffling hedges—and encompasses a range of outdoor improvements from covered seating areas to outdoor kitchens. Nailing this trend is all about capturing the atmosphere inside the home and bringing it into the backyard to create a mental escape or a safer space for entertaining.

yarrow and aster plants native to Edmonton

More Native Plants

Sustainability is not a trend, it’s becoming part-and-parcel with our way of life. But living more sustainably doesn’t have to involve trading your truck for an electric coupe or giving up plastic food wrap. Instead, landscaping tactics that support the natural environment are becoming increasingly popular ways to leave a greener footprint. 

Native plants, or species that grow wild in Alberta, are a big component to this trend. Choosing native trees, shrubs, and flowering perennials to occupy space in your yard is crucial for the survival of critical pollinators and other important wildlife species. Healthy populations of pollinators are essential for Alberta’s agriculture industry and for keeping our natural landscapes beautiful. As homeowners, these plants also mean more butterflies and birds to smile at while enjoying our backyards!

Edmontonians are going a step further than the standard patio dining set and creating full-on extensions of their indoor living spaces.

childrens play structure in back yard

Interactive Play Areas

The past year has been rough on parents. Those of us with kids at home deeply understand how important it is for kids to have a creative, active outlet for their boundless imaginations—and energy! The need for more safe children’s activities has given rise to a huge surge in interactive children’s play areas. These play areas focus on creating multi-purpose spaces that encourage a variety of kinds of age-appropriate activities. These spaces could include a tarmac for playing sports, a home playground, or even an outdoor playhouse. Ideally, these are features that are appropriate for the next five years of your childrens’ lives and can be converted into other value-adding features once they’ve been outgrown. For example, a playhouse that could be converted into a greenhouse, a “hangout” space, or even a summer Airbnb.

raised garden beds filled with edible plants

Edible Landscaping

The edible gardening trend was huge in 2020, and it’s expected to be even bigger in 2021 as sophomore gardeners return with new skills and renewed confidence. Edible gardening is a broad umbrella that includes everything from planting apple trees, to growing tomatoes in containers, to large plots for edible crops. However, edible landscaping takes this trend even further, in which as much as possible of the landscape is designed to be beautiful and edible at the same time. Think along the lines of fruit trees for shade, salad greens for bedding plants, and containers overflowing with edible flowers and fragrant herbs. 

This is an up-and-coming Edmonton landscaping trend that stems from the cultural shift toward self-sufficiency and sustainable living.

bold patterened accents to suit backyard design

Ornate Hardscapes

The minimalism trend is getting left behind in 2020! This year, maximalism is coming back with force; detailed hardscapes, more lavish outdoor furniture, and tons of colour will rule the year. This trend may be a direct response to a population that craves fun, novelty, and excitement after a year of chronic under-stimulation. So, how do you embrace this trend without overestimating its lifespan? The safest way to pull it off is to use timeless patterns and materials for your hardscapes and add loads of fun accents that can be swapped out as the trends change.

However you envision your landscape upgrade in 2021, our designers will work with you to create a unique plan that honours your vision for your property. Salisbury has been among the most trusted landscaping companies in Edmonton since 1993—book a consultation today and find out why!

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