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Residential Lot Grading

Protect Your Home’s Foundation For Peace of Mind

Spring is right around the corner – hopefully. Most people can’t wait for the change of season but for people with water drainage problems in their yard this is a time of year to dread.

I am talking today about the snowmelt in your yard.

If you have experienced flooding or water damage to your basement in the past, this could easily become a reoccurring event if it is due to landscape drainage problems.

How To Tell If There is a Lot Grading Issue?

First you need to look for low spots around your house foundation. If it looks like the yard is sloped downwards towards your home and the lowest spots are around your home, there are a few things homeowners can do before re-grading and

  • Water will take the path of least resistance and that may mean straight into your basement, therefore it is important to create a path to remove water as easily as possible.
  • Ensure that most of the water is directed away from it by piling dirt up against your home where you found low spots.
  • Remove any blockage of water flow, large or small. Cleaning eaves is important to avoid water back log and if the spouts are too close to the house, extending it will make a difference.

Contact your local Salisbury Landscaping team for helpful lot grading tips. Additionally, for more information visit the department specific City of Edmonton website on Residential Lot Grading for Lot Grading Guidelines and Drainage Bylaws.

For more tips visit the website of your local drainage department or contact an engineer, professional landscaper or foundation drainage expert.

Andreas Lietz – Senior Landscape Designer

Andreas began his landscaping career apprenticing for a landscaping company in Peine, Germany. He came to Canada in 1999 and soon after was hired on to the Salisbury Landscaping team. As the Senior Landscape Designer, Andreas manages many aspects of Salisbury’s projects. Over the years he has completed more than 500 landscape designs, making him to ‘go-to’ person for solutions and industry knowledge.

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