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Quarterly Technical: Understanding Landscape Design Quotes

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If you’ve been mulling over a landscape renovation for a while, you may be at the stage where you’re ready to start pricing out your dream project. For some people, talking about money can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to big-ticket purchases like a whole new outdoor space. Here’s what you can expect from the quoting process with Salisbury Landscaping, and how we can help you achieve the results you want at a price that works for you.

Questions to Ask Before You Get a Quote

Before you decide to engage with a landscaping project, the first things you should ask about have to do with their business practices. What you don’t know about a less-reputable company can end up costing you dearly in liabilities. 

The first time you make contact with a landscaping company you’re considering to take on your project, ask what they do to protect their team and customers. Do they have liability insurance? A Workers Compensation Board (WCB) account? Are they COR compliant? These are all important markers of a responsible, ethical, and reputable business that should never be overlooked. Since these things all involve expenses incurred by the business, these costs will be factored into your quote.

landscape design plan

The Quoting Process

The next stage is to book a design/build consultation. Your consultation is your opportunity to explain to your landscape designer what you’re looking for, share your ideas, and ideally, show them some inspirational images to communicate your preferred style. In turn, your landscape designer will take all the elements of your existing landscape into account as they start to mull over the design. They’ll consider things like:

  • Will the existing landscaping features need to be demolished and removed?
  • Are there any issues with the existing landscape, such as a problem with the grading?
  • What is the design style of the home?
  • How do you plan to use your outdoor space?

These factors and others, including the size of the space and the amount of sun exposure on the property, will all factor into your designer’s initial design and quote. Your designer will then schedule a presentation meeting with you to review and discuss the design and associated costs.

landscape design blueprint

What to Expect from Your Presentation Meeting

At Salisbury Landscaping, each design is quoted as a firm price based on the most recent approved version of the design. When you meet with your landscape designer, you’ll review their initial design, including a 2D and 3D map, a projection of how the landscape will age over the following 5-10 years, and the cost of all installation work and materials. The presentation is just one step in a collaborative partnership between you and your designer; you’ll work together to refine the design and request changes until you feel good about the plan. Depending on how your requested changes affect the design, your designer may need additional time to produce a revised version of the quote. Once you’ve approved your design and quote, the installation work can begin! 

Before review, quotes are usually broken down into three broad categories; the hard landscaping (also known as ‘hardscaping,’ or the construction of walls, patios, and decks), soft landscaping (or ‘softscaping,’ including the installation and planting of garden beds), and plant materials. Additional elements that don’t fit neatly in one category, like water features, may be priced on separate line items.

If you prefer a more detailed, itemized quote, speak to your landscape designer prior to your presentation meeting. These in-depth quotes are available by request.

backyard patio

The Importance of Disclosing Your Budget

It’s typical for our landscape designers to ask you about your preferred budget early in the quoting process. We understand that, for a variety of reasons, some customers have reservations about discussing their budget before the design is produced. However, it’s important to understand that discussing your budgetary expectations is always to your benefit.

Like any other renovation, landscaping quotes have a very wide price range, from $15,000 new-build projects to total overhauls costing $100,000 or more. Discussing your price range and budgetary flexibility allows your designer to establish a scope of possibility for your project and plan the job according to what your budget will allow. In some cases, if you’re planning an extensive renovation but your budget doesn’t align with the work needed, we may discuss the possibility of a multi-year plan that makes sense for your financial situation. 

Our goal is always to produce a beautiful design tailored to your style and your price range. While it’s always possible to make adjustments, we strive to work with you to get our initial design as close as possible to your expectations without any sticker shock! Contact us today to get started on your landscape renovation journey.

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