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Long-Term Landscape Maintenance: Years 4–6

Salisbury Landscaping- Long Term Landscaping Maintenance Years 4 to 6-manicured front lawn landscape

After several years of foot traffic, rain, snow, and all the other action in our yards, our landscapes need some maintenance! We’ve already covered the necessary landscape care tasks for year 1 and years 2–3 in the previous instalments of this blog series. In this final guide, we’re looking ahead to years 4–6, so you can keep your landscape design looking just as fabulous as it did when you first completed it. 

Go Through This Landscape Care Task List for Years 4–6

The terrains and hardscapes across your landscape may have sustained some wear and tear over the past few years, but at least that’s a sign it’s been well-loved! Restore it to its original glory by evaluating the landscape, seeing what needs fixing or cleaning, and performing the necessary tasks listed below.

Salisbury Landscaping- Long Term Landscaping Maintenance Years 4 to 6-division of perennial plant

Divide Your Perennials

Perennial plants are fantastic because they grow bigger and more beautiful each year, adding spectacular colour and texture to the landscape. However, eventually, they get too big, and their roots become crowded; this often results in the middle of the plant dying, creating a donut of foliage. This is common with rhizome style plants in particular, such as iris’ and daylilies. To fix it, you need to dig up your plants, split them in half at the root ball, then replant one half. The other half can go elsewhere in the garden, or you can share with the neighbours!

Stain or Repaint the Deck

Wood stain tends to fade over the years—sometimes, you don’t realize how dull it has become until you stain it again! A fresh coat will help your deck look much cleaner and brighter. If you’ve got a painted deck or railings, you may find the paint has started peeling after several years have passed. Scrape off peeling paint chunks with a putty knife, smooth the area with sandpaper, then apply your primer and paint; this will look much nicer than simply applying fresh paint to an old, flaky layer. 

Salisbury Landscaping- Long Term Landscaping Maintenance Years 4 to 6-replacing river rock

Replace River Rock

River rock is durable, but it can still crack and erode over time from foot traffic and our ever-changing Edmonton weather. Swapping out that old river rock with a fresh batch will help prevent any injuries from stepping on sharp, cracked rocks, and it will help brighten up the scenery. Those old rocks can get surprisingly dusty, and layers of dust leave rooms for weed to grow! If you like, you can experiment with a different size or colour blend of river rock if you’re open to changing things up a bit. 

Fix or Replace any Cracked Pavers

If your pavers are cracking, that isn’t going to do much good for your home’s curb appeal! Not only are they an eyesore, but it’s a risk for injury, too. You won’t want anyone tripping on uneven pavers or cutting their foot on a sharp edge. Repairing and replacing pavers can be simple or challenging, depending on your design and materials. Touching up your pavers might be as simple as applying more polymeric sand into the cracks—kind of like applying fresh grout between tiles! If you’re unsure how to proceed, feel free to contact our landscaping team, and we’ll help you figure out a plan of action. 

Salisbury Landscaping- Long Term Landscaping Maintenance Years 4 to 6-patio furniture

How’s The Patio Furniture Looking?

Style trends come and go, and that patio furniture that looked so flawless in 2016 might not look so hot today. Sometimes you just need to switch out the cushions or reupholster them with a more modern textile, but depending on the condition of your furniture, it might be worth investing in a new set! There are so many stylish patio furniture sets to explore, and it’s amazing how the style you choose can dramatically influence the theme and aesthetic of your landscape. If you don’t want to invest in a brand new set or want to keep your waste contributions low, consider trading with a friend or buying second-hand! Feel free to browse our photo gallery for some inspiration!  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about landscape maintenance in Edmonton, we’re more than happy to help you through all the necessary steps. Book a DIY consultation if you’d like to tackle the project yourself, or hire our team to do all the heavy lifting for you! 

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